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young Clark in his Red shorts

aged about nineteen (:

Tribute to [SUPERBOY]
Character (c) DC Comics
Art (c) Ricken [link]


P.S. Thank you for all comments and favs!
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This was just featured over at Comic Alliance. [link]
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if i was gay i would probably be losing my mind right about now............
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You and me both buddy.
Only I'm not.
So I am.
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You have an incredible range! Really fun to brows through.
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The world needs more of this kind of superhero art where the subject is a dude.
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Oh god, look his face. It's so bloody cute! Damn it!
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dat ass ._____.
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This is awesome. Great work on the details. Overall an amazing deviation.
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Oh gawd his butts so perky <3!
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Bet he gets a lot of wolf whistles
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adorable and sexy!
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RIP red shorts, you will be missed. Awesome drawing.
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pants, he wears pants over his tights x
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men're so innocent XD
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*Goodness*, I love this. Oh, Clark, you're so fine. <333 I could look at this all day, really.
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this is both funny (love his face) and sexy... :giggle:
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Lol. This is great but I'm so glad they got rid of the focus color around that area for the MOS movie.
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"oh man! ...super wedgie" lol looks good
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I love the innocent look on his face. XD
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