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X-Men [WXJG]

the comic [X-23] "Touching Darkness" fan-art<3
"WXJG" means Wolverine, X-23, Jubilee and Gambit.

Some more details on my blog here!:) [link]


Characters (c) MARVEL Comics


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I bet they ( wolvie and x23) were having an rare hug and the other two crashed the moment

Impressive Wolverine :)

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Aw, so cute! I love that arc! And furthermore, I love these four together, like a familiy. <3 What did you think, Ricken?
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The thumbnail made me think this was Chris Kattan and Will Ferrell creeping on girls in "A Night at the Roxbury."
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Nice :D I fucking love Jubilee :D.

Also link down ??
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Remy, always with a smile. 
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Lol Wolverines face is so out of character
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Yo! Logan! What's up, homie?
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That looks like a real awkward position for X-23 since she's supposed to be his clone-daughter.
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Nice picture indeed.
THE-R3D-PRIEST's avatar
I feel like Laura works better as his biological daughter but whateves. Great piece.
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I wanna party with those guys. Clap 
Wwwait is Jubilee stealing Wolverine's wallet?

That seems like a dangerous thing to do.
Heh...I guess I am in the gutter cause I thought she was going for his belt.  /shrug
kyrtuck's avatar
I thought she was just hugging X-23?
Dottir-Of-Loki's avatar
XD I was thinking sunglasses
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Is Jubilee still a vampire?
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As far as I know in the comics Jubilee(from Earth-616) is still a Vampire and has a son name Shogo Lee. 
Heretic1311's avatar
The pronounced canine teeth suggest it.
But whether she is or not, pic looks great.
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the two women are hot
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This is a cute scene. EF Icon: Nathile Big Smile  I love seeing moments like this with characters. Such fun and personality!
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Soon to be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe!
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