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Superboy and Robin

By Ricken-Art
Kon and Tim in first YJ HQ.
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© 2011 - 2021 Ricken-Art
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Superboy? More like f u c k b o i


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Man, I miss their old costumes. Great work!
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Robin has an amazing butt <3
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Heh love the face superboy is giving and the way robin is like "are you ok?" :batman: 
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Okay I'm either reading,"Cue Rule!!" "Coe Rule!!" "Goe Rule!!" "Gue Rule!!" Or some other variant of language I don't understand.
I really like this image of Kon and i was wondering if you'd let me use this image as my cover art for a fanfic i'm in the process of writing? 
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This is from the young justice that use to air on tv( stopped because couldn't sell enough toys) so where is this from because I want to watch this handsome devil. 
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ooooh  very nice!!! xD
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That ass, I love it :D
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What do you think superboi's bulge is about? XD
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Holy Shazam.
That jacket is badass.
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Oh boy, do I like THIS :iconrapetimeplz:
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His bulge..His abs.
*le faint/nosebleed*
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OMG. I think I'm in love - with Robin, Superboy or you I'm not sure.
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Oh, how I wish to see this Superboy in the YJ cartoon....
Kon, Batman is going to get you. And zip up that ziper. Dont' give me ideas.

If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more. -Jane Austen
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Where's Bart's mural? And yes Kon we all know you're sexy. :D
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