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Kon-El the Superboy

By Ricken-Art
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Fanart: Kon-El the Superboy. - Feb.6 2014
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SO badass i love the 90s young justice comics
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Look up in the sky It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's Superboy! After Superman was killed by Doomsday he was believe he was alive til then his younger self has brought back to life as a clone.
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Beautiful work!
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Great version of Superboy!
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The One and Only !
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This is the best Superboy I have seen. I love the face and hair you've used.

Any chance you would do other art pieces with that same face and hair?
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Faved for inspiration. :)

Beautiful lines/inks & Colors.

That's the REAL Kon-El...not the weird knock-off we got NOW...! :(
(Dear Heavens, I miss the 90's/Early 2000's... :( :( :( )
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Great drawing! A cool character that deserves more attention. 
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Your young justice stuff is just too cool!
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Ahhhh handsomee
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Oh wow! This is amazing and a perfect piece of artwork! And I'm not even a fan of Superboy. :la:
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I love when artists totally pull off an upside-down design!
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I love the way you draw kon El XD so cute
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This is my favourite style of Superboy. The perspective is great!
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Why does she always give them the old hairstyles?
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holy-..............marry me now Kon
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Always liked this costume!
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