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Gigantoraptor erlianensis

Gigantoraptor erlianensis (Erlian giant plunderer) was a shockingly massive caenagnathid theropod dinosaur discovered in 2005 in Inner Mongolia's Iren Dabasu Formation. An adult would have been over twenty feet long and weighed approximately two tons.
What's interesting about Gigantoraptor, is the only known specimen has advanced ossification and growth rings in the fibula indicating the creature was about eleven years old when it died, and appears to have reached a young adult stage at seven years. This suggests an unusually fast growth rate abnormal to most theropods.

I felt like drawing another dinosaur after a long hiatus of being too busy to illustrate, and Gigantoraptor was the first dinosaur to pop into my head.

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nice colors and details!
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lolz no prob man.
Oh and did you hear of that new abelisaurid species that's supposed to be the size of giganotosaurus? Pretty wicked.
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No, I haven't heard anything about that. I've been quite busy lately, haven't had a lot of time to brush up on paleontology.
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sorry to hear that... wait... that's both good and bad in certain ways I guess. XD
But yeah It's interesting, highly suggest reading about it .
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If you could cite any sources of information on the giant abelisaur, that's be most appreciated. I can't seem to find anything on it.
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It's called Ekrixinatosaurus novasi.
If that helps. XD
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Oh, Ekrixinatosaurus? That one was described in 2004, and while it is arguably the largest of all know abelisaurs it still only measured 30-35 feet long. Giganotosaurus measured about 40-45 feet long. So not a new or comparably impressive animal, did you just hear about it or something?
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This is a really well drawn image, and I enjoy the description as well! I've been a fan of dinosaurs all my life but I just don't get as much of the recent news on them as I'd like anymore XD You've done some great feathers here and for some reason I really like the slope of the back and the tail XD I wouldn't say I'm an expert, but hey, I like what I like! Thanks for informing me about a species I had no idea existed! XD
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You're welcome! Gigantoraptor is a really cool dinosaur.
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Very cool, nicely drawn too :)
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