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Alioramus altai

Normally this is when I would dedicate a paragraph or two to basic trivial facts about the featured dinosaur (in this case Alioramus altai, the 'Altai different branch'). But I figured I should first explain myself for presenting such a preposterous reconstruction of a tyrannosaur.
I know, it looks like a giant chicken with teeth and a tail. That was the intention, in light of my previous reconstruction of Tyrannosaurus rex ([link]). The description which goes along with my T. rex illustration explains quite thoroughly my reasoning behind "birdifying" my tyrannosaurs (specifically, my T. rex was more "turkeyified" and my Alioramus is more "roosterified" but now we're getting technical). The gist is, specimens of the tyrannosaur Dilong exhibit preserved plumage, suggesting that plumage was a phenotype trait of tyrannosaurs. My speculative combs, wattles, snoods and dewlaps that I reconstruct my tyrannosaurs with go along with the theory that they were feathered and therefore very bird-like in appearance.
I don't know what impulsed me to draw Alioramus. I woke up one morning and felt like drawing it, just as randomly as I dropped that trivia on you just now. No kidding.
The color itself was partly inspired by chickens, but I obviously took creative liberties with features such as the tail stripes.

Anyway, Alioramus altai was a small tyrannosaurid theropod dinosaur described in 2009. It was discovered near the Altai Mountains in Asia.. It is the second species of the genus Alioramus. The type species is A. remotus. If you're wondering why I didn't just illustrate the type species, I'll tell you. A. altai is known from more complete remains. That's why.
Alioramus was about sixteen feet long and would have stood as tall as a grown man, a tyrannosaur that would have hunted you like T. rex hunted hadrosaurs.

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Los Dinosaurios Hermanos!!! 😎
nil338's avatar
Holy jumping Juravenators! Holy leaping Leaellynasauras! I love this type of undetailed artwork!
Did you digitally paint this, how, and using what software?:happybounce: 
RickCharlesOfficial's avatar
This is an old drawing, I painted it in Photoshop Elements (with a mouse!). My digital painting skills have improved somewhat, and I have an art tablet now, although I recently got a new computer so I do not currently have the proper equipment or software for digital painting.
nil338's avatar
You...painted this... with a mouse? Also dude, thanks for creating this pic it truly inspired me - check out my deviation Eotyrannus ;) thanks a lot anyhow.
RickCharlesOfficial's avatar
Thanks! I really appreciate it. Stay tuned, I've got new stuff I'll be posting soon!
laopokia's avatar
Makes it look like the modern day chickens are descended from this funny-looking dinosaur...
FeatherNerd's avatar
HellraptorStudios's avatar
beware of the killer chicken :P just kiddin, i like it very much :)
titanlizard's avatar
I think the t-rex is the chicken like. No the alioramus. But I think it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! :)
TheDilophoraptor's avatar
RoFlo-Felorez's avatar
omg ive been trying to imagine a tyrannosaurid with a roosterlike head!! finally i can envision one correctly :D
RickCharlesOfficial's avatar
MugenSeiRyuu's avatar
I think there is a bit too much chicken on that guy...doesn't Jack Horner want to create something like that?
RickCharlesOfficial's avatar
I don't know what Jack Horner is up to recently, but anyway the point was to layer Alioramus in "too much chicken," I suppose.
MugenSeiRyuu's avatar
Horner plans on creating a Chickensaurus or Dinochicken by activating some old DNA in a chicken.
Any yes, you got my point.
bensen-daniel's avatar
I can help with the altai thing. It's a place, the Altai Mountains of central Asia, where this thing came from.
RickCharlesOfficial's avatar
Thank you for that information, I'll edit it in!
Black-and-White-Wolf's avatar
Noice. I love Aloiramus, I actually use pigeons as reference for my Dromaeosaurids now, or at least Deinonychus. ;)
avpvjp's avatar
It IS good, don't take me wrong on that, and basing your Tyrannosaurids on birds is always a good source of inspiration. doesn't really scream "predator that will run you down and kill you" sort of animal. It's certainly a cool reconstruction, but I would've used birds like roadrunners, hawks, etc for a basis.
gorgoraptor's avatar
Okay, I think you're taking Matt Wedel's advice a bit to far!
RickCharlesOfficial's avatar
You should see the Sauroposeidon the guy over at illustrated.
nil338's avatar
I have, drawing another one right now :P.
BrooksLeibee's avatar
One thing, you may want to use the blending tool to fix up your "shading" you got goin on there. It should make it seem/look/feel more natural and neat.
On the other note, this is a great interpretation of Alioramus. In my tastes I feel like they should be able to sort of "show off" their nose "horns", instead of sort of having them blocked off by the dewlap thing.
RickCharlesOfficial's avatar
Maybe it was the nose horns that supported such structures as combs and snoods.
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