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John Stewart © DC Comics
Idris Elba

Responding to requests from :icontamashikiri:  :iconsgt-lost-spartan:
Give me an idea for the next drawing.

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He would make the perfect John Stewart.
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Awesome pic, Idris is a good pick for John.
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Very, very amusing.
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...Is that Coyote Tango from "Pacific Rim"?
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Of course Elba has to be the next Green Lantern. After all, if Darkseid's gonna be the villain of the Justice League movie, they'll be someone with experience in cancelling the apocalypse.
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I see what you did there, nice.
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Haha, this is perfect! Idris as GL would be pretty awesome. :)
Love it dude! You are the man!
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:laughing: This is great. :D

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if you really need an idea for your next drawing you can use one by the Nostalgia Critic - Princess Peach, Robin (Batman's sdekick), April O'Neil and Geordi from Star Trek playing poker in the same dungeon while waiting to be rescued. it should be pretty epic :D
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I know you did a lot of hard work making this but the ring is on the Wrong Finger... It's supposed to be on the Middle finger.
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oops! my bad. thank you
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I have really grown to like this Lantern.  :)
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