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Doomsday Clock sucks

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Power Girl's must be thinking "At last! I get to lust after sexy guy instead of the other way around!"

More like, "So, that's how it feels (giggidy-giggidy!)

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It's funnier if we think at how this is gonna happen in Doomsday Clock
Haha! I like that. Change things up.
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And than she said.  Your only slightly above normal in size, doctor m.   
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On the other hand, it might be nice to have a partner she doesn’t have to worry about hurting who isn’t her cousin.

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I second to kokomosan.
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In spite of Men's insecurities, I don't think even they would resist being hypnotized by Dr Manhattans Swinging, glowing, pendulous blueberries . Though the Comic depicts Manhattan wearing a speedo during his intervention in the Vietnam War, I wouldn't be surprised in actuality, he took on his 100 meter form full on nude as to distract the Vietcong with his bio-luminescent klackers eclipsing the sun and moon. his wrecking ball sized jewels were the last thing the Charlies saw before being disintegrated into strawberry jelly all over the jungle floor. 
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This brings back memories of old Powergirl issues.
Now you know how it feels.
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