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02 of 05 Rocket


Are you ready for August 1st? 
01 of 05 Groot by RickCelis03 of 05 Drax by RickCelis04 of 05 Starlord by RickCelis05 of 05 Gamora by RickCelis
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Oh my gosh! This is perfect! I was obsessed with Timon and Pumbaa as a kid, now as an adult Rocket Racoon is my favorite. Everyone still thinks I love Timon and Pumbaa.

Fail-Seeker's avatar
Hakuna does NOT sound like raccoon...
Ben-J-Kirby-Tennyson's avatar
Akun. Accoon. They sound alike.
bbb35's avatar
LOL Now, Rocket, put down that gun!!
MariposaLass-93's avatar
Derp that, Disney! Totally hilarious!!! Is it really Raccoona Matata, or Hakuna Matata?!?

But anyway, it gives me giggles, which is even weirder since I don't like Disney trying to shove everyone's faces the fact they rule over Marvel and LucasFilms, like they enslaved them or something.
crossovercreteor's avatar
belle is a disney princess
Prince-in-Disguise's avatar
Raccoona Matata? :rofl: Great drawing!
Monguin's avatar
Racoons are deadly predators already.
Revan005's avatar
Poor Timon and Pumba.:XD:
TheTigerwolf55's avatar
Shoot them, Rocket! Shoot them dead!!!!!! 

also, very funny and well done :D
Snakeman2013's avatar
I don't get it, but this is hilarious! 
KrysysDaPro's avatar
Rocket thought they said Racoon. But they really said Hakuna.
Sigfriedofgaea's avatar
I can totally see this happening... :D
BluePeachFLIPNOTE's avatar
Funniest one yet. 
Anonymous-Goose's avatar
ok,you earned a fave,this is hillarious!
Ohthehumanityplz's avatar
How did Rocket go all the way to Africa? Anyways, totally hilarious.
Lordofthememes's avatar
no more hakuna matata
now it's hooked on a feeling
StarWarsmaniac's avatar
Can some explain this to me? This looks funny and i want in on the joke
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