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01 of 05 Groot


Are you ready for August 1st? 
02 of 05 Rocket by RickCelis03 of 05 Drax by RickCelis04 of 05 Starlord by RickCelis05 of 05 Gamora by RickCelis
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I am Groot ( just a little off the top miss ivy)

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from Batman the Animated and The Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes' Guardians of the Galaxy (Space Avengers)
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(Hey I know this is out of the blue but you might like it because even though we know what sides their really on I think it’s safe to say that basically that THIS image here… is what old Groot would’ve looked like (no pun intended) IF he joined up with old “Pretty Poison Ivy”.
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Awww, this is just the cutest thing ever ;w;
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Style from Batman The Animated Series meets Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes
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Looks like Poison Ivy just found her soulmate. :XD:
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Oh, now THIS is just freakin' adorable! :D
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Not sure if clipping groot good or bad.
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"So, how would you like it?"

"I am Groot."

"Ah, a little off the top. Coming right up."
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Lol I'll ship it
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groot *not happy*: i am groot.
ivy: why're you complaining? it's free.
groot: i am groot!
ivy: that's the last haircut you'll get mr grumpy
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Pois é, vilão tem também de relaxar e cuidar do visual, uai!!!!!
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very nice Love Clap
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