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New Book: One Day with Nastya

Proud to present my new book with Nastya. Delivered only by me. Requests are welcome:
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i want have a can i get one (pdf please....)
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Sorry, no pdf, only real books. Still interested? Then I send you information!
yes, i'm still interested........but i don't know how to pay you, as i don't own any visa/paypal/mastercard....and i;m from its pretty troublesome for you too as well
btw thanks for your quick reply...appreciate it...
and that is some great work...with a stunning beauty....where is she originally from ???

Do u have a debit card that can be used internationally?. If so u can use it.

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She is from Ukraine!  Do you have a bank account?
Yes i do have....but how it is going to help,as they don't allow me to pay outside of the country or do any transactions....
Does she have any social network account?? (like instagram or facebook where she might be regular)....and does she randomly do shoots or only with reknown guys like you???
Hi, how can i get a copy, and has the model any social-media where i can support her? 
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She is a doll baby
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Yes, she is. Thank you very much :-)
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I would love a copy, please send info. Also, does the model have instagram? She is one of my all-time favorite models, so ethereal, shes like a living work of art. Hard to find that depth of spirit in a gaze like she has, very inspirational. You have captured her perfectly in all your work, you must be very proud. Namaste.
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Thank you so much for your nice work. Yes she is aboslutely unique and I'm very proud to work with her for years now!
I've send you some information about my books and about Insta.
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Thank you very much :-)
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I am from the US, photo enthusiast, admire your work, just wonder how to get a copy of  your new book with Nastya.

Really love your work.
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Sent a PN with information!
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She is a beautiful model!
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Mal sehen... ;)
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Bald ist ja Weihnachten... :)
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