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My Bio

True creativity—the kind machines can’t copy.

I always had an interest in drawing and women. So I ended up drawing women. Over time I realized that shiny gift wraps are as important as the gift it self, thus I started drawing women in shiny gift wraps. During the years I left the old pen and airbrush behind and concentrated more and more on Photoshop. To give 'my' gift wrapped women that extra layer of shine, I also added Maxon's Cinema 4D for 3D backgrounds to my toolset.

If you like what you see, there is more over at my website https://www.4f-creations.com .

Favourite Visual Artist
Don Lawrence, Boris Vallejo, Wallace Wood, Hajime Sorayama, Olivia de Berardinis, Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri
Favourite Movies
Pitch black, Die hard, Lethal Weapon, 2001, Alien, Aliens, Barbarella
Favourite TV Shows
Farscape, The Expanse, Vikings, Person of Interest, Agents of shield, Westworld, Galactica, Fringe
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Two steps from Hell, Project Pitchfork, Kamelot, Daft Punk, Armin van Buuren, Anne Clark, Genesis, Sebdoom
Favourite Books
The Stand, Hand that rocks the cradle, Foundation trilogy, Ringworld, Heorot, Hyperion, Lords of Grass.
Favourite Games
Fallout 3, Fallout Las Vegas, Wolfenstein related games, Mass Effect 1-2-3, Dead space, Eve Online.
Favourite Gaming Platform
Bootcamp steam
Tools of the Trade
Photoshop, Cinema 4D, Tumult's Hype
I'm in the midst of rewriting/redoing all my images for sale here on DA. Current approach, 1 fee per image, eventhough its a high resolution .PSD file (meaning no artifacts), these sell like a toasted cucumber in a vulcano's lava stream. (Read: Not at all. - for those who like toasted lava-smelly cucumbers). So time to change strategy. Takes a bit of time to remove all text description bits and zip files per posted image, re-jpeg the files, write up their sizes etc. then zip 15 up, including their alt versions if available and post it back here. Maybe, that will do better. 🤔 First package is up, if time allows me, more will follow soon.
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Hi guys and ladies too of course! ;) I had a few of my images up for sale here as high-res. JPG's in the past, with prices ranging from a few cents to +5 dollar. Not much of a strategy there, and not much hope of selling much, if anything. This is DA after all. But well, I took several days off to remove all the .JPeG''s for sale and replaced them with non-compressed .PSD files. While at it, I added .PSD's for the rest as well. Some are zip-files because they contain more than 1 image. Often that is a portrait version and a landscape version of the same image. A few zip-files contain 3 image versions and 1 contains 5 images with slightly altered versions, to go with your mood. ;) All images are created from the ORIGINAL TIFF/PSD files I have here. NON are scaled upwards! If you think the file size is small that is because that is -all- I have here. With one exception though, the 'MNW-VTT' image is an .PSD converted from a high-resolution JPeG, because I cannot find the
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If you like me have trouble finding non-"ai" created content on your home/new page, this post by @AbyssalEros might be of (some) help to you. I must say it really helped me finding some new worthwile stuff between the barrage of soulles algorithm created same-looking-cloned -prompt-vomit.
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