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Chapter 2 – Off to Lake Llyria

That Genesis Day Festival was one neither Pelame nor Pugno could ever forget. Since then, the two developed an amazing friendship with one another. Though they went to different high schools, they still were able to schedule outings every now and then. This pattern kept up for two years, and on this very day was the day they got back responses from the Llyria Academy.

To Pelame,

            The Llyria Academy staff is pleased to inform you that you are eligible to attend our two-week Orientation at Lake Llyria. The Orientation will begin on Seventhmonth 6th and end on Seventhmonth 19th. Details will be explained by the academy president on the opening day. We hope to see you there.

Llyria Academy Staff

As soon as Pelame finished reading the letter, her house’s phone rang.

“Hello?” Pinna said, answering the phone. “Yes, Pelame’s home. I’ll let her on.” He turned to his daughter. “Pugno wants to talk to you. I might just know what it’s about.” He then gave the phone over.

“Hi, Pugno,” Pelame greeted through the phone. Pugno was speaking in a very excited tone on the other end of the line, though Pelame could follow it just fine. “Really?! Me too!!”

“Looks like we’ll be going to the Orientation Camp together, then!” Pugno said in glee. “This is perfect!”

“Just one more week until the 6th, too! We’ll see each other again before you know it!”

“Actually, Pelame, why wait until then? Why not meet up on the 4th?”

“The 4th? Is something special happening that day?”

“Well, of course. I saw on TV a trailer for a certain movie I thought you’d love to see. I’m sure you know of it. It’s called Jirachi’s Final Wish.”

Pelame went completely silent upon hearing that.

“Pelame? You there?”

Then Pugno suddenly got an answer in the form of an excited squeal.

“I’d love that so much!!!” Pelame practically screamed into the phone. “I can hardly wait!!!”

“It’s a date, then!” Pugno responded, though his ears were still ringing. “Is it okay with your parents?”

“Just a sec.” Pelame set the phone down briefly and asked permission from Pinna and Neve. The two responded to their daughter’s query with a joyful and trusting, “I hope you two have lots of fun!” Pelame then picked the phone back up.

“Yep, it’s a date!” Pelame answered.

“Excellent! My parents okayed it, too! All right, see you then!”

“See you then!” Pelame and Pugno then hung up their respective house phones. After that, Pinna called Pugno’s house right back, having gotten an idea.

The anticipated date came at last, after what seemed like multiple eternities. Pelame’s and Pugno’s parents had given them another reason to be excited for the fourth day of Seventhmonth besides the movie. The plan was in regards to traveling to the orientation. As Lake Llyria was over 1,000 kilometers west of Promised Land, it would take half a day to drive there. So Pelame’s and Pugno’s parents had worked out a travel plan to begin driving there after the movie ended.

And so, they had all arrived in town square at their agreed time of 1:00PM, half an hour before the film was set to start. That gave them time to get the tickets for the show and get their seats.

“I thought there’d have been more Pokémon here to see this film,” Pugno said, noticing that the theatre had only been filled to half capacity.

“Others take critics too seriously,” responded Pugno’s lucario father, Jackle. “Either that, or the studio that made this film drove them away.”

“Really? How?” Pinna asked.

“Well, what we’re about to see was made by Sivik-Ripney, the same studio and crew who made the film of Paths of Time. As your daughter knows, that was an absolutely disastrous adaptation of that story, and the critics said that, too.”

“I still enjoyed it,” Pelame interjected. “I mean, it would have been nice if they stuck closer to the story, but for what the movie did, it did it well enough. Besides, I’m willing to give the studio another chance. Maybe they’ll get this one right.”

“Is that why this movie wasn’t even screened for critics?” asked a young paras in the seat to Pelame’s right.


The previews had then finished, and the film started up.

The film had reached its climax when a minor incident happened. The paras next to Pelame had been getting more and more apprehensive every time the film’s villain, a parasect named Fungus, appeared. And now that it appeared he’d defeat the film’s hero, a charmeleon named Taiyang, the paras had had enough. He took off running out of the theatre in terror. He had left about six minutes too soon, since everything in the film ended up working out fine, and the film ended on an uplifting note.

“That poor kid,” Pelame thought as the credits started up. The theatre’s small attendance then emptied out.

“So, how did you like it?” Pugno’s tyrogue mother Beltier asked both the kids.

“It was the absolute best!!!” Pelame cried.

“Every bit as great as Pelame built it up to be!!” Pugno joined. “If only we could have a home video to watch in the car!”

“Well, I must admit this was the perfect way to start our trip,” Neve added. “You two ready to travel?”

“We were born ready!” Pelame and Pugno answered in unison.

“Then let’s put some road behind us!” Jackle said.

As Jackle and Beltier had a van as opposed to the sedan Pinna and Neve had, the former was the better choice for a long trip. Now that the movie was over, it was time to get in there and go.

“That’s kinda funny,” Pugno said as he buckled his seatbelt. “I thought the car would’ve been broken into, but then I remembered that that sneasel burglar is still in jail.”

The van was then started up, and they were on their way. The time was 3:50 PM.

The trip to Lake Llyria was too long to take all in one day, so the travelers took a brief stop at a small motel in the small tourist trap town of Pathway. Pathway was a rather small town, but it was known for its sights, which were regarded as some of the best in the Twilight Kingdom. The sights there were topped only by the capital city itself. Pelame had some fond memories of this place, such as the giant climbing tree her grandmother had helped her reach the top of long ago.

“Remind me to take you back here sometime, Pugno,” Pelame whispered to him as they followed their parents into their booked room. “Just in case a semester break comes up and allows us to travel.”

“Will do,” Pugno answered. “I’ve sure got some memories of this place I’d love to revis—”

“Gangway!!” shouted a Pokémon Pugno nearly bumped into. He looked in the direction he was walking and noticed an annoyed chubby pikachu standing there holding a video camera. “Sheesh, I can’t even turn a corner without bumping into someone camera-first??”

“Pardon us,” Pelame apologized.

“Well, my camera’s fine, so there’s no problem,” responded the pikachu. “Sure wouldn’t want to lose the footage I got of my road trip so far.” He then looked down to the ground, filming it. “I saw you come out of that one. You’re traveling, too?”

“We sure are,” Pugno answered. “Pelame and I are going to Lake Llyria.”

“Hey, so am I! What a great coincidence!”

“What are the odds??”

The three young Pokémon shared a short chuckle at the lucky circumstance.

“I’m Torden,” the pikachu introduced. “How do you do?”

“I’m Pelame,” Pelame returned the formality. “And this is Pugno. Nice to meet you.”

“Oh, you two made a new friend?” Neve asked as she walked by.

“New friend?” Torden asked. “We just met. I’d say we’re at least acquaintances. But I’m open to making it a friendship.”

“Well, that’s very nice. I take it you’re also leading to Lake Llyria?”

“That’s correct.”

“Well, Pelame,” Neve addressed her daughter. “Looks like you just met a future classmate.”

“I gotta go now,” Torden said, rushed. “Dad’s expecting me back in a few minutes.” He then went on his way down to his motel room. “See you tomorrow!”

Neve then went into her motel room, with Pelame and Pugno following her inside. “Tomorrow, we finish the trip. So let’s not miss an hour of sleep.”

“Good night, mom,” Pelame said.

“Good night, Mrs. Neve,” Pugno added. “Good night, Mr. Pinna, mom, and dad.”

And so, the four turned in early.

The date was now Seventhmonth 5th, 1509, and the time was now 9:45 AM. It was an ideal time to get going. They’d be at the lake by about 4 o’clock in the afternoon at this rate.

“Everyone ready?” Neve asked.

“Everyone relieved?” Pinna added, receiving a gentle disapproving nudge from his wife.

“Yep,” the kids answered.

“For the record, we are, too,” Pugno’s parents answered. “Like you had to ask.”

“All right, then. Lake Llyria, here we come!” With Pinna’s rallying call, they were off.

Compared to yesterday’s drive, today’s was rather dull. Not much other than highway occupied the remaining path, but once they arrived at Llyria County, it was a welcome sight. At last, the destination, and since there was one day to spare before the orientation started, all the better it was.

“The island in the middle of the lake, as well as all its cabins, is reserved for the Llyria Academy Orientation,” the receptionist solosis said. “But all the other cabins on the shores are available. We had lots of vacancies earlier, but with the influx of Llyria applicants going to the orientation tomorrow, we’re down to only three vacancies. You have a choice between these two, since they’re the only remaining ones that’ll house four or more.”

“That one, then,” Pinna said, pointing to the one pictured on the left side of the brochure he was handed. “For one night.”

“That’ll be 471 Pokéns for the rental, then.” Pinna paid the amount. “Enjoy your stay.” The solosis receptionist gave Pinna the keys to the cabin. “And don’t forget to attend the dinner tonight for Llyria applicants. It’s going to be at 6 o’clock tonight in the Cape Cabin.”

“Will do.”

One more short drive, and they got to their rented cabin.

“And tomorrow, we’ll be helping you pack up your island dorm rooms,” Jackle said.

“Cool, thanks,” Pelame said. “I can’t wait until tomorrow.”

“Me neither,” Pugno added. “Good thing we have a whole lake to entertain us. Wanna go swimming?”

“Sure. But you won’t make it to the water before me!”

“Two legs are faster than four, you know!” With that challenge, the two raced each other to the shore.

“Be back by 5:30 PM so we can all get ready for the dinner!” Beltier called after the kids.

Time flew by at a dodrio’s pace, and it was already time to get ready for the big dinner. As told by their parents to, Pelame and Pugno returned to the cabin to get themselves ready. Pinna and Neve tied Pelame’s favorite white bow onto her right ear and helped her style her neck fur in a fancy look. Jackle and Beltier tied Pugno’s favorite cobalt bow onto his collar.

“Just a sec, I’d like to get a picture of this,” Pinna said, getting out a camera. Under his instruction, the two kids stood next to each other and smiled for a nice portrait. “All righty! I’m starving!”

The four then set off for the Cape Cabin, located at the highest point overlooking the lake.

The Cape Cabin was packed almost to capacity, full of Llyria Academy applicants and their parents. Pelame, Pugno, and their parents were lucky enough to get a spot near the front stage, where the announcements were to be made. The food wasn’t yet served, much to the dismay of Pinna and his growling stomach. It would be time to serve food soon, but the announcements had to be made.

“Good evening,” said the simisage standing in front of a microphone. “Don’t worry; I won’t keep you from food for long.” That comment got a few laughs, as well as a “then get on with it!” from Pinna. The simisage then continued. “I am the Headmaster of Llyria Academy, Professor Kudzu. And on behalf of all the Academy staff, as well as the generous staff of the Lake Resort, I’d like to welcome all of you to what I’m going to call Day 0 of the orientation. And also, kudos to you all for making it in. Now then, with me are the heads of all the educational departments. It’s their turn now.”

“After me, of course,” said a sawsbuck who approached the podium. “I’m Professor Prongs, the Dean of Llyria Academy. Okay, now it’s time for the Department heads to introduce themselves.”

Coming forward were an ampharos, a beedrill, an alakazam, a virizion, a lopunny, a slowking, a dragonite, a swampert, and a zoroark.

“I’m Professor Henry, head of the Technological Science Department,” said the ampharos.

“I’m Professor Spear, head of the Wildlife and Horticulture Department,” said the beedrill.

“I’m Professor Bibli, head of the History Department,” said the alakazam.

“I’m Professor Snapper, one of the two heads of the Combat Department,” said the virizion.

“I’m Professor Adorbs, head of the Psychology and Mental Health Department,” said the lopunny.

“I’m Professor Euclid, head of the Mathematics and Architecture Departments,” said the slowking.

“I’m Professor Caius, head of the Ocean Science Department,” said the dragonite.

“I’m Professor Tectarro, head of the Geological Science Department,” said the swampert.

“And I’m Professor Aramir, the other of the two heads of the Combat Department,” said the zoroark.

“And that concludes the introductions,” Professor Kudzu said. “One more announcement: the orientation camp starts tomorrow at 11 o’clock AM. And now, it’s your long-awaited dinnertime!”

“At last!” Pinna said to himself, taking off like a missile to the serving tables.

Over at the next table, Torden’s manectric father spoke to him as quietly as he could. “You’re free to enroll in any one of those professors’ classes, except Adorbs’s. Understand?”

“Yes, dad,” Torden answered.

A night as fun as this wasn’t to end with a simple dinner. With an okay from their parents, Pelame and Pugno decided to make a date out of this. And so, they rented a paddleboat and took it out on the lake to take in the sights. They paddled around half of the lake’s perimeter, stopping at a sight that excited the both of them. The film of Jirachi’s Final Wish was being screened specially for VIP guests. Even though they’d already seen the film, they decided to see it again. They got out of the boat, docked it, and climbed up to the top of the cape overlooking the inlet where the film was playing. To them, the film was just as great this time as it was yesterday. When the film ended, the two decided not to leave just yet.

“Now that the screen’s off, it’s a lot easier to see the night sky, isn’t it?” Pugno asked. “I just noticed how adorable your eyes look in the night.” Pelame blushed at the compliment.

“It’s doing your eyes wonders, too,” Pelame returned. After that, nothing was said for a little while. Suddenly, the two leaned in close and shared a short but sweet kiss. After they pulled away, they were quite surprised at themselves and each other for this act. But it was a pleasant surprise, the perfect kind to end a fun night with.

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First of all, a big thank you to :iconcedar-bastion: for both the preview image and for prereading this chapter.

And with this, the prologue arc is over. Next chapter, the story truly begins.

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