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Paper Batman

NaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNa Batman! (I thinkkk that is the correct amount of Na's...:D)

Christopher Nolan's Batman series is amazing (watching The Dark Knight Rises tomorrow!) so I just had to make a paper sculpture of the Dark Knight! I based it off the costume from the movies (designed by Lindy Hemming.)

He stands 16cm tall including the base and is made from black paper/card, an armature of aluminium foil and a turned wooden base.

He was alot of fun to make, a nice change from dragons and wolves=P so hope you guys like it!

*The background is my laptop screen with a stock image by :iconshaedsofgrey:

Side View: [link]

Close Up: [link]
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Awesome! Nice job, long time no chat, how are you? :)
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Heya! Thanks:D It has been a while huh and I've been pretty inactive on here hahaha

I've been great, just came back from a holiday to South Korea actually! Being back in Australian heat is making me miss the subzero temperatures there haha. How's life been treating you?
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Oh nice, wouldn't mind a bit of that heat, apparently it's going to snow here again soon :/ I'm not too bad thanks, keeping busy and all that :)
could you please post the link for download this awesome papercraft?
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Hi sorry I made it without diagrams.
mio-amane-the-sweet's avatar
hey do you have a template , id love to attempt ... also .. WOAH DUDE THE F** U ARE AMAXING!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Haha thanks and sorry I didn't use templates to make this.
mio-amane-the-sweet's avatar
awwwww shame i would have love to have failed at this .. great work :D
metalma's avatar
awesome... you are a crazy genius!!
Richi89's avatar
hahaha thanks man!
Rayyankhan's avatar
hey could you PLEASE PLEASE tell me how to do it!
pro-mole's avatar
There he is... standing so carelessly in front of all those flames like he doesn't even care...

He's the goddamn Batman!
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:D How you goin Bruno??
pro-mole's avatar
Oh hi! :D

Back in Brazil, soon will be back to drawing and posting. You know, soon like... before the year is over. :P
Richi89's avatar
Oh where were you before you were back in Brazil? Haha get on it!
pro-mole's avatar
If you didn't see all the journals from the last month, I was taking a stroll(and working, working, working) in France.

Had a good time, alright. :)
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Oh jeez that sounds fun!
Daniel-O-Dreams's avatar
That is AWESOME. How long did it take you to make?
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Cheers Daniel! Took me almost 20 hours over 5 nights haha
Sun-of-Stazzz's avatar
I think there are 19 Nas x3 good job. Going to see the Dark Night Rises tonight1! :)
Richi89's avatar
Haha maybe I'l just stick to my 16 XD
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