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"The Flame Inside Her Eyes"

By: M3

   The castle was dead silent, the echoes of footsteps walking through-out inside the castle walls vibrated until escaping through the open window sills. Barely anyone was in the castle....anymore. The only people inside the hollow castle was the princess and her only guard left. Without a word slipping from anyone in the royal room where the princess and the guard stayed, nothing was stated, until...

Guard: Your majesty, w-why do you not seek to speak to your people?

Princess: ...

Guard: They seek wisdom and guide, and since your Father, The King, traveled to a distant field to win against another war with our enemies, please Princess.

Princess: (huff) I can't be let out, or my people shall fear me forever, until I'm banished to the ends of the world.

Guard: Surely not, your people are not capable of such cruelty, if you just-

Princess: Sliver Please!

Sliver: ?!

Princess: I-I'm sorry for my sudden outburst, it's just, My powers are to be feared, my hands are the grips of the devil himself.

Sliver stood in dead silent, a sudden outburst, he had never seen the Princess in so much....Discomfort and Despair, surely ever since Sliver was bestowed as guard in order to protect the Princess from any endangerment. Trying to stay cool, Sliver stayed in his position. The Princess sighed once more, this time turning around unannounced, this made Sliver tingle in shock.

Princess: I wish there was a way to get rid of my powers for good, and then I could truly be-

Guard: A hero?

The Princess was caught off guard, but only for a split second. She smiled as she leaned her head slightly downward. A Small, but noticeable, blush flashed across his face, The princess didn't noticed, but lifted her head. And stared at Sliver.

Princess: You know me very well, it seems I Am a very good babbler about my thoughts.

Sliver: Not as much as Me

The Princess giggled, but then started walking towards her guard, Sliver the Hedgehog. Surprised, Sliver tensed up. There, The Princess stood before Sliver, the dense in the air around them was so heavy, maybe to Sliver. The Princess waved her hand sideways from the her guard, around her, every candle lit with a glorious flame upon them. Sliver always fonded her power, but herself did not, like how did she know the sun was setting upon the kingdom.

Sliver: Shall we dance Princess?

Princess: Please Sliver, call me by my true birth name, Blaze.

The two danced with the wind beneath their feet, as if the world's wind was with them, together, they were extraordinary. As Sliver held Blaze in his arms, Blaze begun to speak again.

Blaze: What do You Fancy about me?

Sliver: well...

Sliver: The Flame in Your Eyes
A flame ready to burn out by RichHoboM3

Bye Love Love Love 
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July 28, 2015


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