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Sentinels Anthology Cover

This is the cover for the Sentinels Anthology due out around March. A lot of creators here on Deviant Art worked on this book.
From left to right:

splash by :iconnashya:
serpenta coloered by :iconwindriderx23: and me :iconricber:
firebomb by :iconwindriderx23: and colored by :iconbakanekonei:
electron(5th panel) by :iconpeor-imposible:
sin by me :iconricber:
harlette by :iconkidnotorious:

Here is a list of everyone involved since we have writers involved too:

:iconricber: :iconwindriderx23: :iconkanoely: :iconnashya: :iconkidnotorious: :iconpeor-imposible: :iconbakanekonei:

I'm really proud of the work everyone has done on this and can't wait to get it out there. They're all done amazing work and I'm really lucky to have gotten them involved in this project. Thanks everyone!

To learn more about Sentinels, check out the website and blog at [link] .

All art to the respected owner.
all character (C) :iconricber:
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rgrzela's avatar
Cool! I decided to try youtube for my short stories. you can check one show out here...… you guys might want to try something like it too!
PeterPalmiotti's avatar
Gah, I didn't know Rich did an anthology of his characters! Sweet!
RichBernatovech's avatar
Doh! How did you not know that, lol. We only published it two years ago. :P
Glad you're seeing it now though. :)
PeterPalmiotti's avatar
Ahh, so Richber = Rich Bernatovech! ...I get it now! LOL (little slow, hehe)

My excuse, been living out in KY, not many comic stores keep good stock! Tho now I'm in VA.
RichBernatovech's avatar
Lol, its all good. And yeah, lame screen name I know. :P
How is it out there in VA?
PeterPalmiotti's avatar
It's not New York...KY had more to least the town I was in was bigger then this one...but I am closer to NYC now, and I do plan on making a trip back 'home' when I can.

Right now seeking a day job but still keeping up with my comic work.
RichBernatovech's avatar
Cool. Let me know when you visit. We'll have to catch up! :)
I hope you have luck finding a day job soon. I know how hard it can be right now.
PeterPalmiotti's avatar
Will do! ...and thanks!
evanesces's avatar
oh so nice, sweet stuff, i'm looking very forward to this coming out, its something i want to give a goiod read/ look at over the summer months
RichBernatovech's avatar
Wow. Thanks! That's great to hear. Have you read any of the other Sentinels books?
RichBernatovech's avatar
I don't know. I think that green one, next to the pink, is really standing out. :P
KidNotorious's avatar
Hmmm... Maybe your right.
Or maybe he's just screaming at the pink panel "WHY ARE YOU SO AWESOME!" Hahaha!!!
RichBernatovech's avatar
lol, he probabaly is.
KidNotorious's avatar
I can't wait to get my hands on the book!!!
RichBernatovech's avatar
Soon. In like 5 or 6 weeks I should have them and will mail you some. :)
KidNotorious's avatar
(OK, I'm the one sreaming awesome)
KidNotorious's avatar
Personally, I like the pink one.
JamieFayX's avatar
wow that orange panel is awesome!!!! lol looks great!!!
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