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Sentinels Anthology #2 Cover

I'm proud to reveal the cover for the second SENTINELS Anthology!

The cover layout was designed by :iconlucianovecchio: Luciano Vecchio, drawn by :iconjamiefayx: Jamie Fay and colored by :iconigloinor: Ihor Loboda! As you can see, they make an AMAZING team! I can't say enough how lucky I am to work with these guys. And just wait until you see the interior pages! Not only does this team tell an amazing story, but we also have over 30 creators involved in the Anthology and every single one of them is insanely talented!
Here are just some of them that are here on deviantArt:
We decided it was a good time to reveal the cover of the Anthology and as you can see, things have changed! The 3rd generation SENTINELS are not kids anymore! The second Anthology will be similar to the first one that we did, with stories focusing on single characters by different creators. But this time we are also doing a BIG story that focuses on the 3rd gen SENTINELS! The story will have lots of surprises for old and new fans of the series and as you can see on the cover, each of the 3rd Gen SENTINELS have matured and changed. We're really excited for people to see this book and hope to have it finished by the end of the 2014. 

Sentinels (c) Drumfish Productions

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What an awesome cover! I can't wait to see it in person!!
argocomics's avatar
Looks awesome! Great redesigns all around as well!
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it's really beautiful!!!! and I am sure that the story itself is awesome :D :D :D way to go darling, way to go!!! :D :D
RichBernatovech's avatar
Thank you! We're excited to get the book out there.  I appreciate the comments.  :D
Kaedegirl's avatar
you are more than welcome my dear :) it's always a pleasure to see your art anyway :D it makes me happy!
JomanMercado's avatar
woohoo you guys rock! :D :D
RichBernatovech's avatar
So do you! WooHoo!!
Igloinor's avatar
So happy to be part of this (I told it so many times for now, lol)
RichBernatovech's avatar
And we love having you on board!   :D
Micha-vom-Wald's avatar
I have to say it too : I can't wait !!!
RichBernatovech's avatar
Thanks! I can't wait to get it out there too and for everyone to see your work.  :D
abc142's avatar
The cover is amazing ! I can't wait to read the anthology ! :)
RichBernatovech's avatar
Thanks! I can't wait for people to see the beautiful art you did for it!
mpz28's avatar
very nice :D (Big Grin) Love :happybounce: 
magusVroth's avatar
Man, I just love the immediate transition of how quickly (almost) everyone's managed to grow up in this series. Certainly seems like a tightly knitted bunch, and I do look forward to see what's in store for each of them in this new anthology, whenever you may have it in stock, man.

Gotta say, I love how far you guys have come along with this series, and it's been a pleasure just to be along for the ride every step of the way :D

(now I'm just gonna have to try harder so I can follow in the steps of all you great artists who put their souls into this)
RichBernatovech's avatar
Thanks for the kind words and for stopping by at the Pittsburgh Comic-Con! It was nice to see you and see your art.  :)
gwdill's avatar
Awesome stuff right there!
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