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I'm leaving deviantART forever, to work elsewhere. Here's why, from my website, Brilliant Photography by Richard X. Thripp:

Yesterday I was contemplating what's been holding me back in my photography and online publishing of my photography, and I've decided it's maintaining my gallery. Since I started my own website at in December, I've continued to post photos to deviantART, because of my many followers there. Unfortunately, this kind of multi-casting derails too much of my time. I post each photo as prints for sale at deviantART, such as Bubble in the Sea, and that takes fifteen minutes because of their tedious interface for cropping and presentation (no one buys them). The other inconvenience is making keyword lists and linking between photos on each site (which I do manually). While I could continue to post photos to deviantART without these frills, the root of the issue is having to go to two places when I should be putting all my efforts here, my home on the Internet forever.

So, I'm breaking it off. I'm never going back to deviantART again. This is a huge step forward. I won't be hassling myself to publicate my photos, and I'll be focusing my efforts in one direction instead of splitting them in two. I've been at deviantART for two and a half years, and have had 116,000 views for my artwork. But if I'm every going to become solvent here, that won't cut it. My last photo at deviantART was Night Meets Day. The end.

It's been nice knowing everyone, and I thank you for all the support. You can comment (on this entry or my art), but I won't read nor respond. Join me here if you want to comment or see what I'm photographing.
LagunaFlare Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2008  Student Photographer
*cries in despair*
You were always a good friend!
I'll make sure to check out your website sometime.
I'll miss you!
Whinnie10 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2008
Goodbye, Ricky! I'll always remember you as a good dA friend and a very inspiring photographer! :lol: Although I'm sad to see you go, I know it's for the best, and 'm sure I'll see you around someplace! ;P Goodbye! :wave: :glomp:
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Submitted on
April 18, 2008