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Raindrops Wallpaper

One of my best photos: raindrops, captured in motion. Now in wallpaper form! This is the first submission.

Buy prints here.

In the ZIP file are copies of the image at the following sizes: 1024x768, 1280x1024 (extended and cropped), and 2048x1536. But if your display resolution is 1600x1200 or smaller you can merely full-view the image and set it as your desktop background (selecting "Stretch," "Fit to Screen," etc., if applicable). Additionally, the ZIP file contains this alternate wallpaper at 1280x1024 (cropped) and 2048x1536, tinted versions (blue, cyan, green, pink, purple, red, and yellow) of the above image at 1280x1024 (extended and cropped) and 2048x1536, the original version of the above image and alternate wallpaper at 2048x1536, and thumbnails of 96 photos from this photo-shoot. Click here to see thumbnails of all the images in the ZIP file.

Raindrops at my website, Brilliant Photography by Richard X. Thripp.

Keywords: falling gravity water liquid fall raindrops raindrop rain raining drop drops droplets still time captured paused black-and-white b&w grayscale sky white gray black roof trees storms stormy richardxthripp elements nature macro wallpaper landscapes scenery

Previously titled Falling Water 10: Raindrops Wallpaper.

2008-03-22 Update: Revised description and title.
2006-06-15 Update: I overwrote the ZIP file mistakenly; fixed. ^^;
2006-06-15 Update: Added my site address to the 1600x1200 preview (left it out mistakenly before).
© 2006 - 2021 richardxthripp
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this is absolutely beautiful. i love it
EpikTurTlez's avatar
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love this picture!!
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It would have been really cool if you put fish in the raindrops.
blue98's avatar
Is there anyway you could create a 1600x900 version of this?
this is the desktop on my Mini Server. thanks!
Sl1d3R's avatar
really great shot
hey this is beautiful. may i use this a landscape refrence?
l-takumi-l's avatar
just... a wonderful work of art. nature could not look anymore beautiful ;D. amazing picture.[link]

i do have to admit, i just used your wallpaper on my screen shot that i submitted but of coarse credit goes to you :D.
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Dah beautiful :3 I like this picture a lot. thx
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this is my new desktop, loving it.
mlhmessy16's avatar
great job... love it to pieces
lonelyxxsharingan's avatar
I love it but the watermark is a little annoying ^^;

good anyways!
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Thats awsome.
HappySlave's avatar
i love this picture!! the way the water drops reflect the world upside down and are sure there is some deep meaning or symbolism that could be read into that but i can't think of any! do think there is any? how did you get this shot? i mean it can't have been easy...
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Hmm, I wasn't thinking of that when I took the photo, but maybe... I had to take about seventy photos to get this one. It was with a relatively cheap point-and-shoot digital camera, on which I couldn't even adjust the ISO and shutter speeds, so I waited until it was sunny yet still raining, so I could freeze the action as the camera would choose a faster shutter speed. Then I set the camera to Macro mode, and before each shot I'd lock the focus (by pressing the shutter button half-way down) by putting my hand in front of the camera at the same distance as the drops, because the camera would focus on the background instead of the drops if I let it have its way. I edited the photo on the computer to add contrast and convert to black-and-white.
HappySlave's avatar
that seems simple yet complicated! but you actively tried to acheive the shot- it wasnt a spur of the moment, oh-thats-pretty-i'll-just-whip-my-camera-out and take a photo type shot?
richardxthripp's avatar
Thanks! Yeah, I spent a couple hours to get this one; not spur-of-the-moment at all. This was from June of 2006; now I have a fancy, expensive camera, so I can get better photos more easily.
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oooh fancy and expenisve- thats a little bit flash... lol. photography humour!
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I should learn some photography-related jokes. :lol:
HappySlave's avatar
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