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Fiery Pink Sunset Wallpaper

A wallpaper of my Fiery Pink Sunset (2006-05-28) photo. Hope everyone enjoys this, as I did photographing it. :p

Take a look at my Fiery Orange Sunset Wallpaper before using this; you might like it better. :D

In the ZIP file are copies of the image at the following sizes: 1024x768, 1280x1024 (cropped), and 2048x1536. But if your display resolution is 1600x1200 or smaller you can merely full-view the image and set it as your desktop background (selecting "Stretch," "Fit to Screen," etc., if applicable). Additionally, the ZIP file contains thumbnails of 30 photos from this photo-shoot (the same ones that appear in the Fiery Orange Sunset Wallpaper ZIP file).

To see a list of items in the Pink Sunsets series, click here.

Keywords: fiery firey fire burning hot pink sunset bright colorful vivid evening sunrays beam beams lake water reflection beauty clouds grass weeds silhouttes trees purple yellow orange waterscape richardxthripp photography sky nature wallpaper landscapes scenery

2006-06-02 Update: Link to Fiery Orange Sunset Wallpaper added.
2006-06-01 Update: The colors in the 1600x1200 image got messed up before, but I fixed them now.
© 2006 - 2021 richardxthripp
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love this....pleasing to the soul. using it on desktop if thats ok.
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Looks very beautifully <3 *fav*
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Amazing capture. Amazing colors..... Just freakin' amazing.
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Thanks, hika-hika! :D
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Sooooooo beauuuutiiiffuulll!!
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Thank you very much! :bow:
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absolutely gorgeous :)
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Thanks, dunker8! Appreciate the fave, too. :)
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GRR! You make choosing a desktop background so hard... T_T :lol: :D

Once agian, a great job. :) And like the other one, also beautiful. ;)
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Thanks! :D Yes, there aren't enough challenges in this world so I have to make more. ;p
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your sunset series is great :)
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Thanks! Glad you like it. :)
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I really like this came out awesome :) and it has purple in it too :D
richardxthripp's avatar
Thank you, Kim. :D I like the purple too, but there's not enough room to mention it in the title. ;p
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Hee hee yes I see that :)
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Very nice picture..
The black shadows look awesome
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Thanks, Kev; glad you like it. :D
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