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Pencil sketch of my 2nd cousin, Amy. :D She'll be 3 years old in 3 months. I drew this on 2006-06-18 from this photo I took of her; put 2 hours into it.

Keywords: drawing girl young baby child children kid babies portrait female pacifier eyes hair nose cute richardxthripp traditional art drawings portraits figures
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The nose comes together much too quickly, and it's too distinct. Usually I only draw one side of the nose but since it's straight-on I just would go less far upward and make it less dark of a line. Draw less of the nostrils.

As for the eyes, her right needs more visible eyelashes. They are too far apart, the little circles inside the are too dark, and they are too... tall?

As for the hair, I would do some shading and add light lines of hair in the blank spots.

The ear is too short and isn't up far enough.

The shirt comes off from the body a bit too much.

That's all, and you're welcome for the critique.