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Richard Jefferson by RichardtheDarkBoy29
Name: Richard Dark Jefferson
Nickname: Phantom of Darkness
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Species: Human/Demon/Immortal
Blood color: black<----he's not emo, that's litterally his blood color
Blood type: ???
Eye color: Red
Hair color: Black
Race: Japanese/American
School: (He graduated,cause he wanted to, so don't judge)
Favorite animals: snakes, dragons, pit bulls, Golden Stags, cats
Favorite Food: Just about anything that's delicious
Favorite book: Anything Dark
Favorite show: Doctor Who, Attack on Titan, anything else (except drama and suspenseful stuff)
Favorite game: Luigi's Mansion 1 & 2, Animal Crossing series, Angry Birds series, Call of Duty Ghosts, Kirby series, Mario series, Sonic series (except Sonic 06), Mad Father, Yume Nikki, Ib, Contra, Plants Vs Zombies Series, Minecraft, South Park Sitck of Truth, just about anything
Favorite color: Black
Favorite board game: just about anything (except Rap Rat, and we don't wanna go down that road again)
Hates: Child abusers, spiders, retards, Brittney the viner*trying not the puke*
Abilities: Dark Scrocery stuff
Friends: Kirby, Mario, Sonic, ClubPenguin peguin(His name's Zack and his penguin color is sky blue), Prince Fluff, Meta Knight, Golden Ghost from Luigi's Mansion 1, Lucky Star cast, Haruhi Cast, Black Butler cast, Soul Eater cast, Inuyasha cast, Creepypasta family, Yume Nikki cast, Mad Father cast, Ib cast, Minecraft girls from the Mob talker mod, Volcaloid cast, Yoko Littner
Relationships: Jane the Killer, Madotsuki, Haruhi Suzumiya, Lost Silver (brother love)
Rivals: Death Angels, Tarantulas, Dark Kirby, Dark Richard
Personality: Cute, smart, strong, sexy, tsundere, psycho (sometimes)
Birth place and date: Earth II, May 9
Fact: Girls love him and he tends to blush a lot when they're near him, has Slendy's tentacles, and loves Phantom of the Opera(in fact he cosplays has him sometimes.
Theme Song: Phantom of the Opera Nightcore
Favorite pop artist: Volcaloid
Catchphrase: "Darkness and Light can be unstoppable if they combine...unless it ends the world."
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Submitted on
May 3, 2014