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Henry Sketches by RichardtheDarkBoy29

Name: Henry S. (Shirley) Sketches

Age: 34

Height: 5'12

Weight: 160 lbs

Gender: Male

Status: Alive

Interests: Females

Species: Cartoon

Likes: 1930s cartoons, money, cigars, beer, Betty Boop, card games, gambling

Dislikes: People who don't pay him on time, people who outsmart his tricks, those damn 2016-2017 trends, people who call him a Bendy and the Ink Machine OC, idiots, Haru's lust, casinos that rip him off, snuff film producers, cannibals, and being called Shirley 

Personality: Mean, violent, caring (for his friends and members only), dangerous, serious

Description: A living cartoon that can be quite a dangerous being. With the help of his gang named, "The Brass Knuckles", he's unstoppable and too hard to catch..kind of

Name of his gang: The Brass Knuckles

Backstory: Shadow Richard had found an old projector at a yard sale one day, and the seller said to him "That projector contains an old cartoon that use to compete with others like Betty Boop, Bimbo, and Mickey Mouse, but sadly, only 9 episodes were ever released, and since I use to work for "Laugh A Lot Pictures" (the company who made The Adventures of New Man Jenkins cartoons) gave me a projector and copies of those episodes that were made and released. But I have to give it away, because when I played episode 9 "Tales of Trauma and Trouble," Henry and his gang nearly jumped out of the projector and killed me. so I stopped the projector and tried to sell it for months." Shadow Richard walked away with the projector and cartoons without even caring about the old man's story. Shadow Richard remembered the part where the old man said "Henry and his gang nearly jumping out of the screen," he found episode 9 and played it, and waited for Henry and his gang to pop out. A few minutes later, nothing happened, until the projector started sparking, jumping, stretching, squishing, twisting, and making cartoon noises. Soon afterwards, the Dastardly Dogs themselves popped out of the projector, and introduced themselves. Henry, the leader of the gang. Charlie Chainsaw, Henry's right hand man. Motorhead Mark, Henry's car. Science Sam, the brains of the gang. Then finally, Sir Punch and Munch, the brawn of the gang. Shadow Richard talked to Henry and his gang, wishing they can be one with his group of villains, known as "Destruction's children." Henry and his gang agreed and joined Shadow Richard's alliance. Now Henry works as the money maker with his luck at casinos and his skills of being a mafia boss man.

Origins of Henry and his gang: A man by the name of Edgar Von Houton, made a cartoon named "The Adventures of New Man Jenkins" back in 1934. In episode five was when Henry and his gang was introduced. They were the villains of the cartoon, in which they would commit crimes through the city. But Alex Jenkins (the protagonist of the cartoon) would always stop Henry and his gang. But then the producers of the cartoon removed Henry and his Gang, after episode 8, for being too violent for the series. But it didn't really do anything positive for Edgar and his cartoon, because after episode 9, the entire show was cancelled, because of budget issues, and that the creator gave up on the cartoon and never worked on it again. So then Edgar sold his collection of cartoons, and a projector he got when working on the cartoon, to a pawn shop back in 1989, and the collection of toons were passed down to some random people who were interested in the old 1930s cartoons. But as for Henry, well..when people watched episode 9, they wouldn't expect to see Henry and his gang gun them down with Tommy guns.

Theme song: [link] (Michael Jackson's Bad...the only song that I could find that fits Henry, also any jokes about MJ in the comments, and I'm gonna poop in your lucky charms when you sleep at night)

(Update: Changed his bio around)
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November 24, 2017


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