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1. choose and oc or oc au or sona
2.type what they would say in different situations and with different emotions
3.anyone is welcome to do this meme
4. tag people

OC: Junko the Joker

happy: "Gyahahahahaa! Such joy is brought to me!
sad: "I...just wanted to help you master..."
grateful: "Why thank you so much sweetie!~"
annoyed: "Can you just piss off please?"
amused: "Eeaahahahahaaa!"
when someone compliments her: "Aaww well thank you cutie!"
when defending someone in need from a villain: "Back off buddy, you're not getting this my prey!"
when hungry: "Mmmm...I'm so hungry.."
when bored: "Guh, it's so boring around here..."
tired: *yawns* "Performing and murder can really drain a girl."

i tag:

(You don't have to do this if you don't want to)
Hey everyone, I'm redoing my characters' bios, so they can look a bit better.

You can find them here Arrow right Icon (animated)…

(Yeah making a ToyHouse profile's not easy..)

Idk where else to rp I guess Tumblr's still the RP place I'm stuck here's a new rp blog if y'all wanna check it out

My OCs

Alice Yokoyama: "J-Just a friend!"
Phantom: "Lil ghost buddy."
Miyuki: "Silent cutie."
Shadow Richard: "Edgy wannabe."
Haru: "Gothic Bullet Hell."
Henry Sketches: "Bastard."
Metal Phantom: "Metal copycat."
Yang: "Gothic onee."
Yin: "Grace."
Poppy: "A freakin penguin with a freakin laser on his head!"
Ring Master: "Freak."
Bonkers: (He just calls him Togami)
Lion Tamer: "Yandere creep."
Junko the Joker: "Big titty Harley Quinn."
Rin: "Underaged."
Rosie: "Cutest clown ever."
Dark Phantom: "My nightmares."
Yuki: "A reason to run."
Error 17: "Just an error"
Thomas: "Mysterious detective"
Mercy Moose: "He ain't merciful!"

For Bendy characters

Bendy: "Lil devil"
Boris: "Good boy"
Alice: "Ms Angel"
Charley: "Tiny Henry"
Barley: "Evil Popeye"
Edgar: "Tolerable spider"
Henry Stein: "Brave soul"
Sammy: "Creepy fanboy"
Projectionist: "Walking spotlight"
Joey Drew: "Psycho Walt Disney"
Wally Frank: "I'm outta here guy"
Tom: "Freedom Boris"
Allison: "Freedom Alice"
Physical Alice: "Crazy but cute"
Brute Boris: "Inkcredible Bork"
Ink Bendy: "Fake Bendy"
Monsters in the studio: "Ink abominations"

Some Danganronpa characters

Izuru: "Edge mate"
Komaeda: "Crazy fluffy boi"
Makoto: "Hope boi"
Komaru: "Adorable hope"
Celestia: "Psychopath"
Touko/Genocide Syo; "Cute in their own way"
Monokuma: "Panda reject"
Monokubs: "Colored clones"
Shiro/Kuro Kuma: "Yin and Yang as teddy bears
Mukuro: "J..Just reminds me of Alice.."
Junko: "Psycho"
Kiibo: "Good robot boi"
Miu: "Lustful mechanic"
Ouma: "So preciou- sike!"
Chihiro: "Cutest crossdresser"
Kirigiri: "Lavender Alice"
Sakura: "Big body guard sister"
Asahina: "Squishy"
Nanami: "Every guy's dream.."
Hajime: "Hope boi 2.0"
Mikan: "I forgive you my baby ;-; "
Peko: "A freakin ninja"
Ibuki: "Badass"

Doki Doki girls
Sayori: "Good girl good girl good girl good girl good girl ;w;"
Yuri: "Like Yuki, but elegant"
Natsuki: "Cute, but it's hard to hug her"
Monika: "Ah shit.."

Some FNaF characters

Freddy: "Killer bear"
Bonnie: "I'm keeping my door shut.."
Chica: "Wants to force feed me"
Foxy: "Yargh"
Golden Freddy: "Where'd you come from?!?!"
Puppet: "Literally a puppet master"
Balloon Boy: "Why you little!!"
Baby: "Such a cute ro- Oh god she's got a gun!"
Ballora: *blush*
Funtime Freddy: "Fun at parties"
Funtime Foxy: "Best for being an announcer and showman"
Springtrap: "Zombie Bonnie"
Twisted Wolf: "The hell'd you do to grandma?!?!!"
Ennard: "Twisted and tied together as one"
Cupcake: *drools*

2b: "Awesome and pretty"
9s: "Smol and powerful"
Frisk: *squishes her face*
Chara: *squishes her face but has armor on*
Sans: *first five seconds of Megalovania
Taokaka: "Me every weekend"
Platinum the Trinity: "THERE'S TOO MUCH MAGIC!!!!!"
Arakune: "Wait what the f-"
All FNiA girls: "I made a wrong turn..didn't I?"
Izuku: "Like me, but breaks easily..and has a mom"
Uraraka: "Reminds me of Kirby"
Tsuyu: "Aawww such a cute froppy"
Bakugo: "Jeez relax dude"
Kirby: "Literal ball of cuteness"
Marx: "Eep.."
Meta Knight: "Literal ball of awesomeness"
King Dedede: "Hey Poppy it's your dad." (Poppy: I hate you...)
Susie: "Cute and has a mech!"
Adeline and Ribbon : "So precious ;-;"
Filia: "S..So beautiful"
Peacock: "Literal killer toon!"
Cerebella: *heart beats*
Squigly: "Cute zombie girl"
Big Band: "Both a one man band, and a weapon!"

Some DeviantArtists
Mairusufan: "Pretty cool"
FniaFanboy: "So squishy"
ChaosCat: "Master!!!"
Cibuu: "Pastel gore"
MegaLopunny: "Pretty rad"
Ferrari: "Meme"
Bolttastic: "We both love Filia :)"
RichardtheDarkBoy29: "THE REASON WHY I'M IN FUCKING PAIN!!!!"
1. Marx
2. Izuku Midoriya
3. Ralsei
4. Human Sans
5. Richard (my oc)
6. Male Ashley (Warioware)
7. Protag-kun from DDLC
8. Luigi
Now before we begin, I'd like to address that I won't be including any assists as fighters, cause one, they're already in the game as a role. But I will be including spirits as fighters. Also if you don't agree with me, that's fine. In the words of PhantomStrider, "This is just my own silly personal opinion." Also I won't be including any obvious choices. Like Sans, Cuphead, Geno, and other picks that others already are begging for in Smash. Lastly, I won't be explaining their taunts and other moves...otherwise I'd be here forever, and this is just a short list I've come up with..So let's begin

4. Paper Mario

Since we already have a Paper Mario stage, we might as well add in the 2D chibi himself. Also I'd love to see another 2D fighter in Smash.

His Neutral B would be the same fireball like what Mario does.

His Side B would be his hammer that you can charge up, kind of like Kirby's side B, but you'd have to hold the B button to charge it, kind of like Kirby's side B. But sadly you're stuck there till you swing the hammer. Depending on how full the meter is when performing this move, the more damage it would cause. (Kind of like in the Paper Mario RPG games.)

His Down B would be Barry from Super Paper Mario. Not only would it provide damage to your opponents if they were to get super close to you, it would also block Paper Mario from any projectile, but it still can hurt him a little bit, and it will leave him vulnerable once he stops for a second.

Now for his Up B, Paper Mario would use a super jump and turn himself into a Whirlygig until he reaches the floor. Pretty much like Peach's Up B, and the floating can be cancelled out with the attack button, and you can also fly down faster if the joystick is pressed down.

As for his final smash, Paper Mario would summon his giant paper hammer from Paper Jam and turn his opponent/s into paper, and then have PaperCraft Mario fall on top of the opponent/s.

3. Classic Sonic.
He'd play a bit like Sonic, but with some differences.

His Neutral B would be his Drop Dash from Sonic Mania. If on the ground, he'd jump up and quickly drop down and then roll on the floor. If in the air, he would already activate the drop dash but won't quickly drop down.

His Side B would be his figure 8 dash from Sonic CD. Once he charges it up, he would run along the stage while damaging his opponent/s. Now even though you can't damage enemies in Sonic CD and Mania while doing the figure 8 dash, you can in Ultimate (uuhh don't ask why because we'd be here forever...just think of it as a boost attack or something...). Even though this move can go fast, it would be hard to change directions, so you'd have to move the joystick in the opposite direction that Classic Sonic's going to cancel out the dash attack.

His Down B would be his Spin Dash. It works the same as Sonic's down B, but Classic's would be a bit more slower to charge, but faster when the joystick is released.

His Up B would be the same as Sonic's, but Classic Sonic would have a different spring, and would do his "I'm outta here" pose when falling.

As for his final Smash, it'd be the same as Sonic's, but it would include Classic Super Tails, Knuckles, Mighty, and Ray, as they attack the opponent/s with an all out attack.

(Spoilers for Kirby Star Allies ahead!!)

2. Morpho Knight.
It would be pretty cool to include Morpho Knight into Smash. Ever since his debute in Star Allies, he proven to be an excellent pick for the Smash DlC roster.

His Neutral B would be his "Photosynthesis" looking attack he uses against Kirby's allies to turn them against Kirby. (Note, even though it works with Kirby's allies in Star Allies, it won't make Assist Trophies go ontk your side).

His Side B would consist of three sword waves that he can throw across the stage. Enough said.

His Down B would be Morpho Knight summoning those weird evil ghost faces that float across the stage until someone gets hurt. You can only summon 3 little ones, or one big one if it were charged.

His Up B would be a simple teleport with butterflies surrounding him...and tht's it.

Morpho Knight's final smash would consist of him increasing his swords sizes, and he would start slashing at his opponent/s that he captured within his slash, and would finish it by summoning a tornado. (Similiar to Meta Knight's tornado attack in Kirby Super Star)

Honorable mentions:

I'd love to see Bendy in Smash, but I can't think of anything he would use as attacks in Smash.

Even though these two would be pretty cool in Smash, I really don't see Frisk fighting..(As for Chara, yes, obviously)..although Sakurai managed to make Isabelle and Villager into if Frisk and Chara get added as DLC, I'd love to see what Sakurai comes up with.


I can kind of work...not sure though ._. What do you think?

Since I don't know much about their moves in Nier Automata, I can still see these two in Smash

1. Hat Kid/Sora

This one was a tie. Cause I can think of many possibilities with these two. Heck I even discussed Sora being in Smash with a friend, and we thought of some good ideas for his specials.

Sora's Neutral B
He can use command deck to use either a fire attack, a thunder attack, or a blizzard attack.

Sora's Side B
He can throw his keyblade across the stage like a bommerang

Sora's Down B
He can slam his keyblade down and cause a massive explosion.

Sora's Up B
He can use a wind attack to do an arieal recovery, and it can also damage opponents.

Sora's Final Smash
Once Sora slashes his keyblade at his opponent/s, him and Riku come to slash away and completely destroy the opponent/s that were caught in Sora's slash. (I would love to see Goofy, Mickey,  and Donald in the final smash...if Disney's willing to give Nintendo the okay to add in Disney characters into crazy would that be?!)

Hat Kid would be a great addition to Smash, cause she's practically new to the indie game industry, and has also had her game added on the Switch. Plus I can see her using her hats and umbrella to her advantage

Hat Kid's Neutral B
She would home in on her nearest opponent and jump on them

Hat Kid's Side B
She would dash while either Dj Grooves or Conductor would swing their knives around in hopes to damage the opponent/s.

Hat Kid's Down B
She would use the Witch Hat to summon a potion (hold B down to charge up the potion) , and once throw, it'll explode once it comes in contact with anything, the cpu, the floor, a platform, an item, a projectile, etc.

Hat Kid's Up B
(This is just something I can only think of)
Snatcher would spin around and carry Hat Kid in the air, while also damages opponents. Then once let go, she would float down with her umbrella.
Hat Kid's Final Smash
Her final smash would consist of Snatcher grabbing the opponent/s and dragging them into a vortex, then the Mafia Members, DJ Grooves, Conductor, Snatcher, and others will come out and attack the opponent/s as Hat Kid finish things off by throwing a giant ball of time pieces at her opponent/s.

Do you agree with this list? Which characters do you want as dlc in Smash Ultimate, let me know in the comments.

(I sounded like WatchMojo at the end there..)
PS. This list was lazily put together, so don't take it seriously please.
I'm not gonna post any xmas stuff here..I just now hate this holiday. Nothing but an excuse to get out of work..
Phantom Sprite 2 by RichardtheDarkBoy29

Name: Phantom (Real name unknown)

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Preference: Female

Height: 4′11

Weight: 100 lbs

Birthday: March 10 1995

Sign: Pisces

Movement: Very quick

Personality: Quiet, wise, artistic, focused, mysterious, generous, disciplined, well-mannered

Hobbies: Discovering secrets of the other side, reading, singing, practicing spells, studying magic, brewing potions

Status: Undead

Favorite food: Crepes

Favorite Drink: Green tea

Favorite color: Purple

Likes: Paranormal realms, magic, Black Butler, mermaids, fall, spell books (excluding the Necronomicon), Kodamas, Halloween, full moon, valleys, potions he makes

Dislikes: Being called Phantom of the Opera (I know he kinda looks like Phantom of the Opera, that’s why I added some features to him and tried to make his outfit as original as possible -.-) Succubuses, dark magic, The Necronomicon, being discovered, his past, shadow stalkers, nosy people, his dark side, vampires, rituals

Blood Type: B+

Quote: “There’s more than meets the eye”

Description: Phantom was a child (age 10) who lived with a divorced father, and a sister whom has left, for reasons why Phantom should’ve left. His father has been obsessed with doing rituals in order to please the god he’s following (aka Lucifer). One day, Phantom’s father called his son down for some help with a ritual, and that he needed something to use as an offering. So the father knocked out Phantom and strapped him down to a table, in which he killed him to offer to his god (by stabbing his chest, popping out his eyes out of his head, and cutting his right cheek (or left if you’re in Phantom’s viewpoint). Phantom tried desperately to escape and he even screamed “Please stop, I don’t wanna be apart of your ritual dad, please stop, it hurts!!!” The father just ignored him and told him “Just close your eyes and relax, it’ll all be worth it in the end.” Phantom’s father was about to complete the ritual, until a mysterious figure killed him. The mysterious figure was a defender of the Paranormal realm named “Levi the Leviathan”, the leader of the Dragon Troops, found Phantom’s dead body strapped to the table. Levi had to do something before Lucifer could take Phantom away and corrupt him. So he took Phantom to his home land and tried to revive him, but sadly, nothing was working. He tried bounding his soul to other objects, even tried using revive potions, but nothing seemed to have worked. Until Levi discovered that Phantom’s soul has to be powerful enough to revive him, but there were gonna be side effects, either good or bad. But the process had to contain: The sun’s fireball, Zeus’s lightning bolt, nightmare essence, dream essence, and a shadow heart. Levi began the process, combining the ingredients with Phantom’s soul, and then he bounded Phantom soul back in his body. After the reviving process worked, Levi put two eyes in his head, but he gave Phantom a special eye (A blue, flaming eye), which contains some paranormal powers, like teleportation, ghostly hands (You know like those ones Kurumi uses, but instead of clones, it’s ghostly hands from the souls of the good), super speed, quick reflects, a void of protection, blending in to shadows, a magical force field, fire and electrical powers, and mirrored clones, along with two daggers. Phantom soon awoke from the revival, and was confused about where he was, so Levi explained why he’s in his home, and that he revived him from his father almost sacrificing him to the devil. After the explanation, Phantom had noticed some major differences with his undead body. He had a red and blue eye (he use to have brown eyes), dark blue hair (use to have blonde hair), blue flames inside his head, and that his mouth doesn’t move when speaks. Levi offered Phantom that he’d stay with him so that he can recover, so then Phantom agreed to stay. During Phantom’s stay, he seemed to be interested in the paranormal realm, because he was always brought along on Levi’s adventures. Levi asked if he had a named, but Phantom said he doesn’t remember his own name, so then Levi gave him the name “Phantom” because of his phantom like appearance, he even gave Phantom a mask that covers his torn off part of his face, so that he can hide his scar and the blue flame coming from his head. After 5 years, Phantom had asked if he can stay with him so that he can be trained to use his powers properly. Levi agreed to his request, and after 3 years of care taking and training, Levi had to let him go so that he can experience the world that he yet to discover, because when a dragon’s child (birthed or adopted) has to leave their home at the age of 18. Phantom thanked him for his help and left Levi’s home. Phantom soon went to a university of magic and paranormal to study the paranormal side of the Earth, due to his interest in the paranormal world while living with Levi. So he asked if he can be in the university, but “Paranormal Academy” couldn’t accept his request unless he was a part with the paranormal race and wishes to study the paranormal realm. The professor named “Mr. Snow-Beard” soon noticed that Phantom actually was a spirit, and he asked how and where he got revived. After Phantom explained everything, Mr. Snow-Beard immediately accepted him into the university, and Phantom has agreed to take 5 years of his classes so that he can know everything about the paranormal realm. When he was in the academy, he learned how to make a crow buddy, made from a dead crow and an abandoned soul, soon afterwards, he had named him Sebastian (the crow) and Kuku (the soul he used). After 3 years of being in the academy, Phantom had found a house, which was an abandoned den he had found, and claimed as his home. How he knew it was abandoned, there was no trace of life that lived in it. One day, Phantom was going for a walk and had found Levi and a bunch of Shadow Stalkers attacking him. Phantom then sprung in to help, but sadly, Levi was badly damaged, and when Phantom went to Levi’s hurt body, a Shadow Stalker pierced through his heart, causing poor old Levi to die in front of him. During Levi’s funeral, Phantom promised that he’ll help defend Earth and the other worlds from the evil that hides within the paranormal realm. So with that, Phantom now has to defend the world from evil, while studying in the Paranormal Academy, but luckily he met Richard and his guardians so that he can have some help with defending the world from evil, while they both hide their secrets from the world. Like Phantom being a ghost, and Richard being a demonic human alien person.

Theme song:… (Ghost by Mystery Skulls)

Richard Sprite 1 V3 by RichardtheDarkBoy29

Name: Richard Takayama

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Height: 5′11

Weight: 157 lbs

Movement: Quick

Birthday: May 9th 2000

Sign: Taurus

Personalities: (Lust: Horny, ecchi, lewd, seductive) (Demon: Scary, evil, angry, destructive, dangerous) (Normal: Caring, Tsundere, strong, a bit shy, cute, kind, handsome, quite serious, sometimes cold) (Cartoon: Silly, tricky, playful, joking, energetic)

Preference: Women (When in Lust: men and women)

Hobbies: Drawing, cooking, designing, training, gaming

Quotes: Normal: “I’ll never back down from a fight, nor will I let my friends be defeated!” Cartoon: “What? Never seen a kid as a rubber hose animation before?” Lust: “I’ll be a good boy, I promise~” Demon: “Your existence is futile mortal being!”

Favorite colors: Black and blue

Favorite foods: Pizza, mac and cheese, strawberries, cake, ice cream, burritos

Favorite drinks: Water, milkshakes, soda, fruit punch

Likes: Friends, dogs (mostly Pit Bulls, Bulldogs, French bulls dogs, and Pugs), cosplay, anime, games, cartoons, bowling, family, maids penguins, Japanese Urban Legends, Danganronpa

Dislikes: Spiders, stupid people, 2016 trends (like dabbing and other memes…), his lust personality, people who mess with him or his friends and family, not being able to help with certain situations, succubuses, drama, people who don’t do their jobs properly, bad people (like racists, burglars, and child abusers for example), being called cute, being called an ink demon

Blood type: Demon’s blood (A black colored blood that grants immortality, tentacles, shaping their body into a weapon, super strength, and self healing)

Status: Alive

Interests: Female (or both genders in fanservice mode)

Description: Once a prince of a planet known as Mirror, which is like Earth but with a huge difference between our Earth, Richard was once born with the devil’s disease, and with years of having the illness, when he turned 10, his blood turned into Demon’s blood. His family impressed by this, they praised his incredible strength and durability, and how he can be a help around the kingdom. But one day, Richard had to leave planet Mirror, because of an attack of the Dark Angels, his parents told him to escape with his 2 sisters and one brother so that they can be safe from the attack, and that the parents will defend their home. But sadly, his parents died while defending their home, and with a meteor hitting Richard escape pod, he was thrown off course and landed on Earth in Japan. He didn’t know how to feel with being on another planet, to where he had to hide from the humans, until two Guardian sisters and a robotic penguin, named Yin, Yang, and Poppy, found Richard and took him to a house they bought on Earth and said they’ll help protect him from any danger that are after him. Richard agreed to stay, and he even went to human school, but he was skeptical about being around other humans. But when he made friends with some of them, he felt more and more comfortable of being on Earth. But even though Richard’s kinda safe on Earth, he wonders where his siblings are, and that if they’re okay.

Origins of his personalities: (Demon:His devil blood also has a little bit of evil in it, so that’s what gave Richard the demon personality) (Toon: When he went into Henry’s world, a toon spirit possessed him and gave him a cocky side to him, thus giving him his toon personality) (Lust: The Seven Deadly Sin Lust had gave Richard a bit of herself in him…by doing some trading of her bodily fluid, aka biting his neck and a bit of her soul traveled down his neck and into his soul, thus giving him the lust personality) Why can’t he just have his soul ridden of the other personalities, is because it can damage his soul and anger the blood in him, it can lead to mostly corruption, and possible death

Theme song:… (You’re gonna go far kid by The Offspring)

(All copied from Tumblr, cause fuck Tumblr..)

Since Tumblr wants to be a piece of shit and delete nsfw accounts, I have now moved my 18+ artwork to here

You have to be 18+ to see this

Which one of my characters do you ship them with? (You can either ship them with one of my other ocs listed in the link, your oc, or any other character I don't care. I'm just bored and I wanna hear what you guys and girls think)

Character Roles:

Boris as the new slave to the mafia
Bendy as the boss
Alice as the caretaker for Boris, and a member of the mafia
Butcher Gang as Bendy's henchmen
Alison Angel (Alison Pendel) as a lead member of the Angel Force (A police crew)
Tom the Wolf (Thomas Connor) as Alison's partner
Susie Campbell as Bendy's ex member (Now wants to kill every member)
Bertrum Piedmont and Wally Franks as an engineers for machines
Sammy Lawrence as a Hitman
Norman Polk as a guard for the mafia (yes he's still in his monster form...but as a cartoon)
Joey Drew as Bendy's father who's now deceased, but still haunts the mafia's base.
Henry as Boris's boss, worried for Boris
Jack Fain and Lacie Benton as musicians at the theater
Grant Cohen as the money manager
Shawn Flynn as the toy maker
Linda as Henry's wife (Obviously)
Ink Bendy as Bendy's parasite

Plot: In this AU, Boris is running low on money, and is basically relying on welfare and a job that pays minimum wage. Then one day, he decides to ask for money from the "Devilish Mafia". When he asks them for money, the boss Bendy tells him, "You better pay us back wolf! Otherwise your future ain't gonna be as bright as you thought you would like it! You have 4 weeks, don't be late on it, or else!" So Boris soon paid off his bills and bought more food, but was also struggling to make the money that he owes to the mafia. He owed about $2400 to them, but sadly, with all the poor pay he's been given (A mimimum $20 per paycheck each week), and as soon as the 4 week deadline came, the mafia found him at his job, and dragged Boris back to their base. Bendy was angry that Boris didn't pay up and said, "We'll kill you for missing the deadline!!" Soon the members were about to shoot him dead, but Alice begged that Bendy should spare him. Bendy refuses but soon found an alternative way for Boris to pay them back, and that's to be a slave! He soon offers Boris a contact stating, "Once you've signed this contract, you will be serving us, and obeying our every command, no matter how dangerous or painful it will be!" Boris soon signs the contract, thus giving his soul away to the mafia! Then he gains some devilish powers and immortality, but now he has to do tasks for the mafia, like murdering, kidnapping, robbing, etc. But Boris is also suffering each day, feeling a pain that feels like his heart is being pierced! He wishes to be free one day, but that won't be happening for a while now, right Boris?~

(This is a work in some things will change)

Bendy and the Ink Machine belongs to TheMeatly, Mike Mood, and Kindly Beast
Okay, I've thought about it, and I'm gonna shut my Patreon account down.

There are a few reasons why I thought about this decision.

  1. (Not keeping up with Patreon rewards) One thing, I always forget to post something on my Patreon for Patrons to see, like behind the scenes stuff. It's because I'm always working very fast on my drawings. So what's the point of a behind the scenes when I'm already gonna be done with it within a few minutes.
  2. (Getting a job) Okay since I'm getting a job that's gonna pay well, I'm not gonna be asking you guys for money. But I will still keep my commissions up once I open them again.
  3. (The rewards) The awards suck in my eyes. If I open up a Patreon and give my members much better rewards other than a shoutout and behind the scenes. I want to offer more, but it's hard to think of better rewards to give..
Luckily my Patreon was making $0 so I don't have to worry about refunding anyone. Plus again, what's the point of having a Patreon if you can't keep up with the things you have promised others. (Example: SML's Patreon scam..I'm not gonna explain it, so ya might wanna research that on your own).

So I've had an idea of a 1930s murder mystery game called "Who killed Cock Robin? A murder mystery."


Cock Robin (The wealthiest man alive...well, more like wealthiest dead man..)

Detective Thomas (Main hero)

Hank the Policeman (Side hero)

Sparrow Jones (The Huntsman)

Nicholas Bensworth (Cock Robin's right hand man)

Sapphire Rose (The make-up saleswoman)

Alison Robin (Cock Robin's wife)

The Executioner

Chief Wally

Mayor Howard

Rose Robin (Cock Robin's daughter)

Mr. Shadow (The mystery that sells info)

Issac Brown (The bartender)

Dr. Springlock (The scientist/doctor)

Bethany Phil (The Nurse)

April Peachington (Funeral Arranger)

The Priest

Ben Butcher (The Outlaw)

The voices (???)

The flower trio


Unknown assassin


In the town known as Silverdale, someone has murdered the most richest man in town, Cock Robin! After the mayor got word from Alison, he put out the word of Cock Robin's death. Sadly no one can find out who the murderer is, so now it's up to Thomas to find out who was the one that murdered Cock Robin. May sound like a simple plot, but there are some other things to worry about, like liars, wrong information, the voices that trick Thomas, and also he has to worry about someone else who's out to kill him so he doesn't find out who the murderer really is.
It can be anyone, a fictional or nonfictional character.
I don't care who, I'm just curious

What would you do if you met me in real life? Be honest please

1.list an oc
2. type down what they would say depending on their emotions and other things
3. tag people

Dark Phantom

in battle: "I'll rip your soul out and make you into one of my little minions of darkness!"

happy: "Isn't the darkness and despair so wonderful?~"

bored: "Baahh, this world's so boring with all this peace and crap.."


amused: "GYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA, that's hilarious!"

other: "No! Not into the pit! It burrrrnnnnssss!!!!" (A Zelda CDI quote)

sad: "This...this can't be....I...lost?'re so....pathe..tic...*turns into nothing but black smoke and fades away*"

nice: "You're not half bad, maybe you'll be my next high class minion of darkness!"

funny: "What do kids say these days...oh yeah, YEET!!!!"

i tag:

Hey..any questions any of you wanna ask me?

Hello everyone, I'm gonna do something..and that is, draw a group photo of my followers.

I will be allowing 9 people to enter the portrait.

If you wanna join, just comment below with a reference of yourself/avatar.

9/9 joined (Almost there :3 )


Entries are now closed. Had to ask two people to join to fill up the list. It'll be done soon everyone :) Thank you for participating