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Inky me by RichardtheDarkBoy29 Inky me by RichardtheDarkBoy29
Bendy And The Ink Machine - Bendy Jig Alright mortals, this month's the inkpocalypse, and I, "Bendy the Dancing Demon", has taken over this artist over here! I can just kill you all here, but since the admin has told me not to, that damn kid.., I've decided to spare you all. And instead, share some of the artwork he has created for all to see. And also, my so called "friends" and my inky minions will be joining us along this event he wants to do, so expect them to show up on this kid's profile!

Bendy And The Ink Machine - Boris Icon Okay, so here's the things Mr. Richard wanted to say before...Bendy...possessed him...*clears throat* First of all, he said throughout October he'll be doing Bendy and the Ink Machine art, meaning some comics, drawings, and SourceFilmMaker pictures (not gifs, he told me he doesn't do animation). Second, this is just for fun, not for profitable reasons, because he said even though it would be cool, then drawing as a job would make drawing less fun for him. Finally, if he misses some weeks and days of uploading art, the reason is for school. Okay, now for the rules.

1: Criticism is okay, as long as it's not a negative approach
2: Don't steal his artwork..please
3: Enjoy the artwork

BatIM Ch 2 - Sammy Lawrence Idle So if you want, watch his deviantart to see the latest artwork he has made for all, and for my lord.

BatIM Ch 3 - Alice Angel Cardboard Cutout So stay tuned Heart Love 

...also...expect more...than Bendy and the gang, okay?
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September 30, 2017
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