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Hotaru Akiyama and Ningyo by RichardtheDarkBoy29 Hotaru Akiyama and Ningyo by RichardtheDarkBoy29
Meet Hotaru Akiyama

Species: Ghost

Age: 12

Gender: Girl

Status: Dead

Height: 5'3

Weight: 180 lbs

Birthday: October 13th 2005

Sign: Libra

Blood Type: AB-

Likes: Festivals, dangos, her family

Dislikes: Trouble makers, bad feelings, confusing stories

Personality: Kuudere, kinda creepy, cute

Bio: Once the head of the festivals in Japan, Hotaru haunts those who wish to make fun of her, disrupt her property, or cause mischief in any festival.

Back story: She use to lead the festivals in Japan, she would always make sure everything goes right for her people and that nothing goes wrong or out of place. Lots of people loved her. Hotaru was also a very, beautiful and sweet girl, she knew what's right and what's wrong, and she knows how to put on a good festival. But then one day, three teens (two boys and a girl), decided to cause mischief in one of her festivals, which would be Toro nagashi. (The Japanese Floating Lantern Festival) They decided to light one of the lanterns on fire (the paper part that is) and let it in the sky, so it can light the other lanterns on fire. But before the teens could do anything, one of the townsfolk found the lantern that was set on fire, luckily they put it out, but the teens were caught by Hotaru, because she saw them with a lighter as they were snickering. So she had them banned from the festival for life. The teens were in a fit of rage afterwards, and decided to invite her to their hang out place (which was an abandoned house out in the fields). So Hotaru went there, and was greeted with ropes and blunt objects. She was beaten, tortured, and killed at the house the teens invited her to. The teens made up a lie saying she feel down a well and broke her neck. The teens got away with murdering Hotaru, or so they think. One night, one of the teens heard a voice whisper to him, "You're not welcome in this world anymore..." He just shrugged it off thinking it was just his neighbors...Oh that wasn't the case, cause the moment he fell asleep, he couldn't breathe anymore, as if he was being choked, because he was being choked by Hotaru's ghost. The next day, the two teens heard about their friend being "mysteriously" strangled or hung in his sleep. They went to go find him in his room, but found a note, written in blood, saying "Come to your hangout where we killed Hotaru, I have something to show you, signed Shido" So the two teens went to their hangout, and found nothing. So once they tried to leave, they were locked in, and were greeted by Hotaru. "You're probably wondering where your friend went..welp, he's no longer with us anymore. Just like me, he's dead. Just like me, when you two had killed me, I just want to keep our festivals safe from little helpless bags of blood and meat like you. But you tried, and you were caught by me, and so you've decided to seek revenge on me, because I wouldn't let you be destructive little goons. But now, my spirit reeks of hatred and despair, it use to be happy and full of hope, but now knowing you three, oops, I'm sorry, I mean two of you eliminated me, I've decided to eliminate your friend! So's your guys' turn to meet your friend, IN HELL!!!!" With that, the remaining two teens were killed. The girl was impaled on a bamboo shoot, while the boy was burned in an old oven, that still had some power to it, despite being abandoned for 20 years. The town grew frightened after they realized the teens went "missing". Hotaru still haunts their hangout, as she claimed it as her new home to stay in, and promised if anyone was to insult her or vandalize her new home, she will torment ones who wish to those things to her or her property. Now you're probably asking, where's her parents throughout all of this, well the father (Kaito) died from a disease, and the mother (Haku) was still alive, for a little bit. Hotaru was quite lonely in her new home, as she couldn't go back to her main home, knowing that she looks like Sadako with a kimono, and that he mother fear bad spirits in their presence. So she made a puppet, representing her mother, and got a purple flower, representing her father. Her mother searched everywhere for Hotaru, but couldn't find her. But luckily, she found her, but couldn't recognize her for a moment, and was full of fear because she felt a dark aura around her. Hotaru explained to her mother that it was her, and not some random ghost girl. Her mother still feared her, and she had to apologize, saying that she killed the three teens who have killed her. Her mother was wishing that she would be alive, but she can't because that would require dark magic, which she refuses to do in her life, and if people find out she's living with her dead daughter, people will try to get rid of Hotaru because she's filled with negative energy. But she couldn't just leave her daughter alone in the abandoned house, but she said she'd have to kill herself in order to fully be with Hotaru. "But mother, I wouldn't want you to die!" Hotaru cried. Her mother replied, "I would do anything to be with you my darling, physically, mentally, and spiritually...but sadly, I wouldn't have anything to possess." "But mother, I'd love to go back with you and not have you die in front of me, but since our house is protected from evil, I can't go back, and I can't witness you die in front of me," Hotaru said. " did execute the teens who killed you and now your spirit is full of negative energy, and sadly, I don't think I can help fix that, and since our home is protected from any bad spirits, I can't have you go back please my daughter, let me die, so that I may join you, and maybe possess your puppet." "Oh...I made this with some material I found in this house, was suppose to look like you, but I'm not good with details..." Hotaru said to her. "Okay long as I can still be with you, I'll be fine with seeing you...*sigh* die for me....even though it's against our religion to die early, and it's painful to watch..." So her mom took a rusty knife from the kitchen and stabbed herself with it. Afterwards, she possessed the puppet which Hotaru made. With that, Hotaru's mom decided to nickname herself Ningyo.
(I hope this backstory isn't confusing to read...)

Fun Fact: She was originally gonna have hair cover her eyes and have a white long dress...but I had to change it because she literally looks like Sadako or the Grudge, so I changed her look

Theme song:… (Hide and Seek english cover by Lizz Robinett)
fredbear1985 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2017
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