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Dark Phantom by RichardtheDarkBoy29 Dark Phantom by RichardtheDarkBoy29
Name: Dark Phantom

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Birthday: None

Sign: None

Height: 6'0

Weight: Unknown

Species: Unknown

Likes: Destruction, Despair

Dislikes: Hope, peace

Personality: Creepy, destructive, violent, dominant

Description: After Phantom was saved from his father's ritual, a dark and powerful being known as "The Beast" had managed to grab some of Phantom's blood. When the Beast came back to his home-world, it then consumed Phantom's blood to morph into the dark and destructive version of Phantom, known as "Dark Phantom." So once the Beast became Dark Phantom, he then built a dark army of Shadow Stalkers, and other creatures, he orders them to go up to the surface world and cause destruction, but he had some issues with the dragons and Phantom defending the world from his army. So then Dark Phantom took out Leviathan, Phantom's guardian, and the leader of the Dragon Troops, but when Dark Phantom had encountered and battled Phantom. Dark Phantom was a lot more stronger than Phantom, but Phantom manages to beat him and he sealed Dark Phantom away into the deepest part of the Dark Mirror Dimension to make sure he never comes back. But one day, one of Dark Phantom's troops had found him and freed him from his dark and cold prison. So now Dark Phantom continues his war with the Earth and the Mirror Dimension, and promises to destroy Phantom, and conquer every inch of the Earth and the Mirror Dimension.

Theme Song:… (Let the Bodies Hit the Floor by Drowning Pool)
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