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Andre the Android by RichardtheDarkBoy29 Andre the Android by RichardtheDarkBoy29
Name: Andre

Age: None

Gender: Girl

Birthday: June 15th

Sign: Gemini

Height: 6'3

Weight: 150 lbs

Personality: Kuudere, protective

Status: Alive

Species: Robot

Likes: Richard, studying androids, futuristic stuff, charging, defending.

Dislikes: Her creators, being thrown out, low battery, war

Description: Andre was created in a secret military service, who built robots for war and other stuff (You know, like some scientists creating fucking sex robots instead of finding cures for diseases, damn bastards). They built her to starts wars and please them, while also having no emotions. But what they didn't know she developed feelings and she felt hate towards her creators for making her into what they want and not what she wants. One night, she ran away from her creators and tried to hide from them. She succeeds, but she had to spend her days in a back alley. Andre looked like she was about to break down and disable, until one day, Richard and his partners found her. She tried to run, but Richard explained he's not gonna hurt her. She calmed down and asked if she can come home with him. He accepted her request and brought her home. Once they got home, Richard cleaned her up, fixed her clothes, and charged her up. Andre explained to him that she was built for starting war and pleasuring her creators, but she wanted to be built for assisting, helping around, defending others, as well as give and receive love. Richard asked if she wants to stay with him and the others, and help hide her from the people who made her. She happily agreed and she is now an assistant to Richard and the others, though she does fear that the people who made her will come back for her and destroy her.

Theme Song:… (aiSeNMa by SONiKA)
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