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For MatthewDaAnimeFanboy
(Note: Special thanks to Studio Shaft and TV Tropes)
(WARNING: If you have Arachnophobia, then this is not for you)
(Please bear in mind that this is my first attempt at making a witch)
Matthew's Witch Form:
Name: Matt
Appearance: Appears to be a giant pale bald human head, has spider legs protruding from both sides, eyes are absent from the sockets, has razor sharp teeth and a snake-like tongue and a huge eyeball in the mouth
Minions: Spiders named "Frederick"
World: A giant cave setting with spiderwebs 
Description: (Yeah, I know it's Kirsten's description XD) "The male spider witch with a covetous nature. He is a staunchly reclusive witch. Anything he covets he locks away within a cave. The thoughts of his prisoners are laid bare, but one without thought can strike him without problems."
Puella Magi Madoka Magica (C) Studio Shaft
Idea (C) Me and TV Tropes
Matthew (C) MatthewDaAnimeFanboy
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Cory Jefferson
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

Steal my artwork, and I'll report you and send you to my blocked list. I'm dead serious!

richardtheshadowprince.tumblr.… <--- More coming soon

If you're planning on requesting something to me, be sure to read the rules first so I won't lose my mind.…

What I use to draw: FireAlpaca and Gimp.


Captain Obvious' fact #1:
Did you know the first letters used in North, South, East and West spell out "NEWS"?
So my friend's little brother said I should get a girlfriend...and what I told him was, "I gave up on relationship little buddy.."
Character Roles:

Boris as the new slave to the mafia
Bendy as the boss
Alice as the caretaker for Boris, and a member of the mafia
Butcher Gang as Bendy's henchmen
Alison Angel (Alison Pendel) as a lead member of the Angel Force (A police crew)
Tom the Wolf (Thomas Connor) as Alison's partner
Susie Campbell as Bendy's ex member (Now wants to kill every member)
Bertrum Piedmont and Wally Franks as an engineers for machines
Sammy Lawrence as a Hitman
Norman Polk as a guard for the mafia (yes he's still in his monster form...but as a cartoon)
Joey Drew as Bendy's father who's now deceased, but still haunts the mafia's base.
Henry as Boris's boss, worried for Boris
Jack Fain and Lacie Benton as musicians at the theater
Grant Cohen as the money manager
Shawn Flynn as the toy maker
Linda as Henry's wife (Obviously)
Ink Bendy as Bendy's parasite

Plot: In this AU, Boris is running low on money, and is basically relying on welfare and a job that pays minimum wage. Then one day, he decides to ask for money from the "Devilish Mafia". When he asks them for money, the boss Bendy tells him, "You better pay us back wolf! Otherwise your future ain't gonna be as bright as you thought you would like it! You have 4 weeks, don't be late on it, or else!" So Boris soon paid off his bills and bought more food, but was also struggling to make the money that he owes to the mafia. He owed about $2400 to them, but sadly, with all the poor pay he's been given (A mimimum $20 per paycheck each week), and as soon as the 4 week deadline came, the mafia found him at his job, and dragged Boris back to their base. Bendy was angry that Boris didn't pay up and said, "We'll kill you for missing the deadline!!" Soon the members were about to shoot him dead, but Alice begged that Bendy should spare him. Bendy refuses but soon found an alternative way for Boris to pay them back, and that's to be a slave! He soon offers Boris a contact stating, "Once you've signed this contract, you will be serving us, and obeying our every command, no matter how dangerous or painful it will be!" Boris soon signs the contract, thus giving his soul away to the mafia! Then he gains some devilish powers and immortality, but now he has to do tasks for the mafia, like murdering, kidnapping, robbing, etc. But Boris is also suffering each day, feeling a pain that feels like his heart is being pierced! He wishes to be free one day, but that won't be happening for a while now, right Boris?~

(This is a work in some things will change)

Bendy and the Ink Machine belongs to TheMeatly, Mike Mood, and Kindly Beast
I apologize for the lack of communication and uploads. I finally started my job :)
Human El Chip
Here's El Chip. :3

..Go visit his buffet, it's very delicious!

El Chip belongs to Scott Cawthon

(Any racists comments, and I'll hurt you..)


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