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Cory Jefferson
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Steal my artwork, and I'll report you and send you to my blocked list. I'm dead serious!

richardtheshadowprince.tumblr.… <--- More coming soon

If you're planning on requesting something to me, be sure to read the rules first so I won't lose my mind.…

What I use to draw: FireAlpaca and Gimp.


Just got the news that Marvel founder Stan Lee had died of old age...We'll miss him :(
#stanlee #marvel
The Third Eye (Me in MHA)
Name: Cory Jefferson

Hero name: Third Eye

Birthday: May 9th 2000

Height: 5'11

Hair Color: Brown with a purple tint

Eye Color: Dark Brown and violet.

Quirk: Telekinesis/Dark Matter

Positive Effects: Creating a dark army, lifting objects, better stealth, flying, teleport through dark portals, manipulate shadows around him.

Negative Effects: Headaches, corrupted mind, insanity, can't use his two quirks at the same time, eye bleeds, confusion and a bit of blindness.

Strengths: Light objects, darkness, time stop, speed, strength.

Weaknesses: Heavy objects, headaches, has not as much energy as most heroes, anxiety, stress, despair filled thoughts, distractions.

Hero Outfit: Black jeans, army men boots, biker gloves, headband with a gem (It's just for show), a long sleeve shirt with a picture of a bleeding eye on the chest.


When he turned 10, Cory developed the telekinesis and dark matter quirk, which allows him to lift and move objects and living organisms with his mind. Once he grabs an item, he uses his hands to move the object by doing certain hand movements. If he wants to let go of the object, all he has to do is snap his fingers and he'll let go of the object he had grabbed. Although he can lift anything with his quirk, he can't lift certain objects forever. Depending on the weight of the object, the more energy he uses. Not only that, he also gets a splitting headache when he lifts said heavy objects, and if he's not careful, he starts to bleed from the eyes and he'll be deemed weak and powerless for a few hours. Also with his dark matter quirk, he can emerge the area with darkness and use shadows as a weapon, but it also has the same side effects as the telekinesis quirk, but he'll also go crazy from the amount of darkness he used and he'll try to snap back into reality. Sadly he cannot use his two quirks all at once, cause if was to, he'd really hurt himself, not just physically, but mentally as well. One feature he has is that his eye changes colors, depending on what quirk he activated, like purple for telekinesis, and dark red for dark matter.

Fun Fact: He can also get into your head and cause you to see things that you wish you'd never see in your life.

Which one of my characters do you ship them with? (You can either ship them with one of my other ocs listed in the link, your oc, or any other character I don't care. I'm just bored and I wanna hear what you guys and girls think)

If you wanna check out the other characters' height comparison
Just look at my oc's height, and put them on here


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