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Ok, this is episode 9
Crazy crazy crazy. lol
Here it is
You can also follow the show and many of my other videos on my facebook page
Here we go.
Arts web show episode 8.
My comedy/arts show based on youtube.
Plenty of other videos too.
You can also follow me on facebook.…

I have a few more drawing projects in the pipeline.
Which will be uploaded in the next six weeks or so.
I really wish i could get on here more often but i have so many other projects going on now that it's impossible to be everywhere all the time.
But i am trying and also i am trying to get those drawings i have committed to do as well.
I will get round to them, i promise. lol
Here is a brand new episode.
Episode 7.
You can also follow the show by following my facebook page.
Well, this one should be fun.
It's totally insane.
Also there is a drawing demonstration.
Here it is.
Funny review, Arts web show ep 6
Also i am on Facebook
I have had a lot of work to do recently so i haven't been around on here much but i will be checking out all of your artwork as soon as i can.
Happy new year.
Here we go.
Ep 5 of my comedy arts show based on you tube. (7 and a half minutes long)
A brand new song and a comedy art slide show.
Also, another point of interest.
My new site Culture spotlight is on line.
This is where i post about some of the most interesting and entertaining creativity out there.
Plenty of fun.
Check it out here.
here we go with a brand new episode.
An action scene and then one of the most tasty deserts you will ever eat.
Only 7 and a half minutes long.
if you enjoy this, please share it with anyone you think might like it.
You can also view the full series over on my Youtube channel.
Also i am on Facebook, where you can keep up with developments
Feel free to leave your thoughts anywhere you like
Thankyou very much
Most of you probably know that also run an art/comedy show on youtube.
Only 7 to 8 minutes in length.
Well, episode 3 is now here.
Click this link to enjoy.
And if you enjoyed that you could always keep up with me and developments on my facebook page.
Thank you all.
Hi, everyone.
Sorry i haven't been around recently.
I've been very busy pushing the other side of my portfolio.
The Arts Web Show.…
I've also set up a facebook page to keep you updated with developments.…
Ok, now that is out the way.
I recently (ish) sent out a call to photographers and got a fantastic response.
I have a good list of varied subjects to draw or paint.
The list may take several months to work through so if you suggested something for me to use, please be patient.
I also realise i haven't been very social on here recently.
I'll be checking out you all over the next few days.
I watch over 100 people so that may take a while.
Thank you
Episode 2 is now live.
Comedy meets creativity.
Check it out here.
Lets have some fun
Some of you might be aware that i am tackling drawings using photographers works as references.
The problem is i can spend hours trawling deviantat looking for good examples.
I simply don't have the time
So here is a public request.
Can you please send me a link of a shot you think i might like to use.
Full credits for any photo used will be automatically given.
Send me, but please dont be offended if i choose not to do it.
The best photo in the world doesn't necessarily make a good drawing.
A rough outline of what i'm looking for is
    People portraits, adults only, interesting angles. well defined light and dark tones.
       Amimals . interesting angles, clear anatomical features.
    People anatomical drawings.  adults only. no nudity but anatomy must be clearly defined.
       Buildings, no cropped images covering up tower tops or rooftops. clear light and shadow.
    Nature, not over detailed. must have a clear focal feature.
       Interesting objects at interesting angles. angles is crucial.
    No images where losing the background would ruin the drawing.
       Anything else you might think i would find interesting.
Please only suggest photos.
I wont work with other specific artworks.
There are four examples to be found in my gallery.
I look forward to hearing from you
Something for you all to try out.
Lets go.
This challenge is for fun
Yo guys.
This is a shout out to my lil' sister.
She getting really good at the old traditional art.
But i think she needs a bit of encouragement in order to get a bit more involved.
Please check her out.
Fave her work  and show her some support.
She's making me really proud
Well here we are.
I joined deviant art to learn more abut the visual arts.
(Photography, traditional art, animation and digital art.)
But i also deal in performance based art and video editing.
This show is the project that reflects that area of study.
An art show with an undertone of comedy.
Eight and a half minutes long.
Is on the other side of this link at my blg.
Please click and view.…
As always constructive criticism is welcome
Hi, this is to introduce something i think all of you would enjoy.
I have a monthly Art show launching on youtube in just three weeks.
It is a multi media art show with an undertone of comedy.
Hosted by five Character called the ASPECTS.
Based on five different aspects of my own personality.
Interested yet?
I have produced episode one and will be launching it on all of my sites on the 27 th of july.
I really hope to see you there.
PS- All episodes will typically be about 8 minutes long and will cover two subjects
See the promotional opening credit video here.…
I haven't uploaded any deviations or been around much in a while as i've been so busy.
But i will surely remedy that very soon.
I promise
I have a challenge for each and everyone here.
Go to my blog here and participate in this challenge.
It is about letting go and forgetting the rules.
Because only then does the TRUE artist in you come out
Here is the link…
PS. I believe so strongly in the statement i just made that engaging in a debate on the matter would be totally pointless. lol
Here's another poem to share with you.
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Oh i'm so hungry.
Starved almost out of my rational senses.
On that rare, unplanned and unwanted occasion.
ths hermit leaps energised, emphasized, the hazard sign agressivelly tossed aside. GET BACK
Warnings woken from within.
The responsible party.
A dark seductive smile, a soft gaze.
Turns my insdes out, expunges hate.
Gaining with a stomp and flash, strike against disciplines lash, GET BACK.
Echoes screaming from my past.
Beauty locks with my insane eyes.
A killer instinct, i cant hide such lies.
A peaceful vibe  escapes seductions eyes.
Move on you fool, no sense in turning back now you're on track. GET BACK
Grounded on the potholed track.
Reason risks to take control.
Beauty becalms me, numbs my soul.
Who am kidding, conf idence wavers, crumbles, fall
Defeated, turn demolished ego back to safety warm. COME HOME
Creative instinct opens loyal arms.
Written about two months ago.
See more at
What some of you might not know is that i also write.
From time to time i will post literature on my journel.
Here we go.
My life as a chef.
If you tap me on the shoulder, smile and ask me if i'm ok.
Please don't be offended when i snap and say GO AWAY.
I'm a chef who slaves away all day in the searing heat.
No time for you  to ask "I'm hungry, what can i eat?".
Under stress and torment of wishing i wasn't there.
I question, why does life have to be so unfair?
My logic does not exist within these troubled seas.
Give me a way out of this life, i beg you please.
A beautiful dish, presented with my custom flair.
Who are we kidding here my friends?
I  can't summon the inspiration that is no longer there.
Do i want to go brain dead and flow down the river of mediocrity?
Do i want to end up tell my students off, backed  up by nothing but hypocrisy?
Do i want to exist as a monster inside my unfulfilled body?
Or do i want to shine and fulfill my true born destiny?
I think we all know the answer to that one, don't we?
Well that was fun. lol
I would welcome all feedback.
does anyone have any idea whats going on.
First i couldn't comment on deviations here.
I thought maybe i had been listed as a spammer.
So i opened a new account with a new email and i can't do it there either.
Are any of you having the same problems
Please don't forget to drop by my gallery when you visit.
You never know, you might just like some of my work
All constructive feedback is welcome.