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The Atlas of Dreams - Color Plate 217 by RichardMaier The Atlas of Dreams - Color Plate 217 by RichardMaier

This plate seems to be showing you a cataclysmic explosion in the sky. It makes you think of the Tunguska Event, in which a comet or meteor exploded in mid-air before it could hit the ground, flattening trees in a circle in all directions below. As you examine the plate, it occurs to you that the Atlas tends to show a lot of these pivotal moments…

“Color Plate 217” combines a photograph from deviantART member EveLivesey with a painting created by my father, Gus Maier.

“The Atlas Of Dreams” is an ongoing project begun in 1999. Each ‘plate’ is composed of several different images layered to create something greater than the sum of its parts. Tangled white borders bleed into centers. Source images may include – though aren’t limited to: period engravings, filtered stock photos, ArtMatic renders, NASA images, and the paintings of my father, Gus Maier. Keep an eye out for stray creatures poking and prodding at the fourth wall, and remember to bookmark your place before you close the Atlas for the night…

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December 27, 2017
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