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The Atlas of Dreams - Color Plate 213 by RichardMaier The Atlas of Dreams - Color Plate 213 by RichardMaier
You are initially surprised by the rusting industrial landscape depicted in this plate - atypical for the Atlas, but then you consider that it seems to be abandoned and in the process or being digested by more organic forces. While this seems more in line with the Atlas’ usual subject matter, you worry about whether the Atlas is showing you a decomposing landscape, or whether the Atlas is decomposing the landscape...

“Color Plate 213” combines a photograph from deviantART member EveLivesey with a painting created by my father, Gus Maier.

"The Atlas Of Dreams" is an ongoing project that began in 1999. Each plate is composed of several different images combined to create something greater than the sum of its parts. Complex borders around the images fade into a white background. Source images include 19th century engravings, filtered stock photos, ArtMatic renders, astronomical photos of space and planetary surfaces, the paintings of my father, Gus Maier, and of course my own artwork - recycled and reused. Watch out for stray critters...
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October 25, 2017
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