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Queens is known as being incredibly diverse from an ethnical point of view. As a matter of fact, it is regarded as the most diverse urban area on the globe. This diversity is simply fascinating for a foreigner and highly interesting even for an American living in another area. If you dream of getting to know people from all over the world, Queens is definitely the place to be.

But there is a less bright side for the people who get arrested and convicted for various crimes. The charges might or might not be dropped. When they're not dropped and you're accused of something, you will most likely serve a sentence according to the crime.

After you finish your sentence, there is an important step that you shouldn't forget: getting an Queens Certificate of Disposition. This legal document only has one page but it is really valuable. It indicates the charges that you have been accused of, the conviction, date of conviction and the sentence that was imposed as a consequence to the crime. It also states the fact that you've done your duty and served your sentence.

It's important to have this Queens Certificate of Disposition that you can show to whoever might be concerned. It's not only a proof of the current status of your case, but also a document that certifies the fact that now you're "clean" and ready to be a good citizen. You might need it to get a license or to present to a company that has a job for you. So it's recommended to request it as soon as you serve the sentence.

The Queens Certificate of Disposition is available at the clerk of the court and you must request it in the county where your case was filed. You can obtain it at the Queens County Criminal Court if you were convicted for violations and misdemeanors and at the Queens County Supreme Court: Criminal Term if you committed a felony. Both courts are located in Kew Gardens, on 125-01 Queens Boulevard. It's just a different room – Room G64 for the Criminal Court and Room 710 for the Supreme Court.

If you're not interested in managing this process, you can sign a notarized permission and allow your lawyer to access your court record. There also are specialized companies that deal with Queens Certificate of Disposition. For about $100, the company will handle the proceedings and send you the Queens Certificate of Disposition by email or fax within one week or even sooner.
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