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At the shape factory we do all we can

to be consistent, day in and day out.

Perfect circles, any size. Squares that

are really, really square. Pentagons,

hexagons, ellipses, you name it,

we make it. And we make it the same

as the one before it. But some days,

some days everything--well. Everything

goes to hell. A circle with a tangent

this is not. The assembly line has to stop.

The shift supervisor comes over. You

brace yourself for what she'll say, at least

you start. But before you're ready

she says, "It's okay. This one is art."

I'm reposting this to tell you that it is part of a new book by Hanan and me. Photos in full color by Hanan, poems by me, here is the link. Check it out!

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The image above is the shape of things.
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Excellent you two :D :glomp: