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Hey guys, This is my submission for the Artist Avatar Challenge.

I feel like as artist we all struggle with defining ourselves, what our art is and what we are trying to say. It's different for everyone. Some of us are further along than others in figuring that out and that's ok. For the theme I decided to take a more literal approach. The idea behind this piece is my character is an ordinary guy, like most of us, but the world inside his head is much more fascinating than words can describe. Therefore, it is his mission as a painter to capture that and inspire other people, to let them know that it's ok being a little bit weird because you see the world differently.   

For the picture itself I like the idea of creating a dreamscape, that place where fantasy bleeds into reality. I decided to go for a more linear and center focused composition where my painter is just cycling through this open field with dragons. Symbolically I made my art avatar small because, it is the world around us that inspires and defines our character. Anyone that follows my art knows that I'm kind of a gloom doom kind of artist and I wanted to change that up for this piece by creating a more serene atmosphere.

So there were 3 major inspirations for this piece.  

1) RossDraws, Big shocker, I knew none of you would've been able to guess that one (sarcasm)
2) Yeonji Rhee, Her cyclist series helped me frame the mood and atmosphere I was trying to go for.
3) Windows XP Background (Bliss), My personal MVP

I always say thanks and it feels very generic. I'm still a small growing artist and really though, I can't thank you guys enough for the support you've all shown me over the years. And I hope you guys will continue to do so because I am still practicing, trying to get better with so much more left to show you all !…
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wonderful work:love:

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Delightful!! Love the feeling of this!!

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Reminds me of the opening to pokemon ruby and sapphire!

muy buen arte

me vengo de solo verlo

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Beatiful shapes, colors, and composition! it is truly a dreamy mood!

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yani güzel


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The sense of scale here is amazing.

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Thank you Glad you noticed haha!

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OMG, love it!

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Glad you like it :)

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glorious work you got there!

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Beautiful entry. Love how vast the focal point is and the whimsical overall tone. Good luck to both of us!

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Thank you, and best of luck !!!

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First Time I read someone got inspired by the default BG of Windows XP: What a mythical photo

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That Image is legendary !

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thats amazing ooooh

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