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Dragon Fire

Here's the 2nd dragon :D

I'm not quite done with this one but hope you guys like it anyways. I'm thinking later of adding some burnt flags, swords, and try to build more of a story around this dragon. So for sure look forward to seeing more of this big guy !!! I'm still thinking about posting WIP / step by step process images, but let me know if you guys care for those and I can try to get in some too. Also feedback and criticism always welcomed \(OvO)/  
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Awesome art man! Am I able to use this image for a 2D card game I am making for my IT assignment?

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This dragon looks epic! It looks so powerful! Would you maybe be okay with it if were to use this image as a thumbnail on one of my youtube videos? I'd be glad to give you credits!

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Totally, Glad you like it enough to use it for something like that :)

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I used it even better. On my instagram page I made people tell the story about this picture. I'm wondering what the answers will be

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Good work. I'm searching for a red firecy, but not evil dragon with a ring and a sword in claws. He is a protecting one. On the sword is the engraving "semper fi". It's from a supernatural fanfiction AU, by Ridley C. James. If you maybe like it. Google it.

I'm not as good as you. But i try to draw the dragon descibted above. A step by step would be very helpful.

Bye Meilean

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Like the reign of fire! Watch me back at

I am kinda new here and i m in love with dragons. This is beautiful and i don't know how things work here but after my exams i wanna try something with it to put to my steam account with animations how can i get permission to do so ? p.s I am not pro but i wanna experiment with this specific masterpiece.

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Yea man, thats totally fine. If you could credit me some how I'd appreciate it, if not that fine too. I'm just happy you like it enough to use it for something :)

If i can do what i want with it and feel to put it somewhere i will totally give you credit no worries . Thank you for your kindness :)

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Aww, that is so super sweet <3

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this is amazing, well done!!

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Wow thats so cool! ;)

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great use of colour

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the depth is amazing, and I love the scale texture and rendering style. Beautiful.

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Thank you for taking the time to look at it :)

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So powerful. The depth and dimension are incredible as well as the fire effect. Awesomeness.
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Glad you like it !!!

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Holy moly you‘re so good! 😍

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Thank you ! I can't handle this sort of a compliment (+w+)

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