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Recently on our way back from Canberra stopped here as we though it would be a great location to take some HDR Images.
We only had a limited time inside before we found some teenagers hanging around our car, I went out to ask what they were doing and they asked how we had enough nerve to go in. 2 out of the three came in with us and would not leave our sides telling us ghost urban legend story's as we took photos, one stayed outside too scared to come it. The caretaker was quick to come from the noise the outside teen was making. The care taker was nice and we told him what we were doing. He mentioned that police are not interested in trespassers or vandals until the property has a security fence. He suggested that we go and talk to the owner son who lives up the back of the property. We did, the son owners is a very nice guy. I suggest if you want to take photos to go to the house at the back of the property and talk to him.
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