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Batman on a Gargoyle

Well, this is the third time I've approached the subject, only this time it's not a sketch card but a whopping 11x17 piece, and I used a whole slew of media on it -- COPIC markers, acrylics, colored pencil, india ink, white ink, masking fluid, graphite, and probably a couple of other things I'm forgetting.

The client collects Batman on a gargoyle as his theme, and having looked at his CAF gallery, MAN. I had to do everything I could to just try to not embarrass myself being in the same gallery. SERIOUSLY. So anyway, he told me to just run with it, so without going beyond what he paid me for (multiple characters, greyscale copics, simple background, if interested) I came up with this.

And what is this, exactly? Well, the main things I wanted to accomplish was to present a number of different textures, and play around with depth of field.

Both of which I think I accomplished pretty well, with all of the cloth and stone and fur and everything in between. I also tried to pull together about 4 leayers of field depth, and I think I pulled out three well, so success there. It's all in how you use detail and blacks (or cool greys as the case may be).

Compositionally your eye would nomally be drawn to the bat-oni-gargoyle head or the larger bat, but I'm trying to use a couple of tricks to move you more towards Batman, and then down to the foreground, so I'm trying to focus your attention first on the mid-field. The most obvious trick here is that Bats, in a dark piece is surrounded by white- the Bat Signal and the lightning. Also, I'm forcing an upper right to lower-left composition (which is also unusual). This prioritizes things in your mind in that order, so you move your eyes over Batman before you see the little rodents. Maybe I overthink these things. :)

Anyway, voila! A Heroes Con 2013 commission.
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This is superb!! Great attention to detail. 
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Great work fok! It's amazing!!
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It's for amazing art like this that I watch you. Man, this is amazing.
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Very nice piece Richard.
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This is so Gooooooodd.
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Spectacular depth of field - and a fantastic piece overall. Bravo!
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Thanks Paul! Hope all is well. You coming down to Heroes Con?
Absolutely! I'll be there at least on Friday, and maybe on Saturday too. Look forward to seeing you in Charlotte!
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Awesome marker work!
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I really have no words. This is a thing of beauty.
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WOW... this looks amazing... what kind of paper did you use for it? (I'm looking for 11x17 paper that takes copics really well)
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Honestly, the board was kind of crap. Too thin and and flimsy, and the top layer tried to peel in places when I removed my masking fluid. I can't say I would recommend it at all for multimedia work.
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It was just regular bristol? Yeah I don't use masking fluid because I'm terrified of that happening...
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It's 11x17 strathmore blue lined. I've not had a problem with standard bristols. This stuff is thinner
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Hmm the stuff Strathmore sells in pads? I tried using the regular Strathmore 300 (no lines) but markers were streaky. And you're right the bristol doesn't take masking very well >_o
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Not sure what to say I'll start with a WOW!
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Statuesque. This is just really, really damned amazing.
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Thank you so much!
Freeezz's avatar
STUNNING!!! You did an amazing job. It's easily one of my favorite pieces in his gallery.
JediDad's avatar
Beautiful work Richard. The amount of detail and texture you continue to get through in your work still just amazes me.
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