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The Magic 8 Ball Won't Let Woody Eat

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Based off of this classic SpongeBob clip: :D :giggle: :lmao: :rofl:…
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funny thing is, Fairly Odd Parents has a scene like this in it's tv pilot. after being left with Vicky, Timmy goes into his room and consults his magic 9 ball and asks it how long will his parents be away at the movies, and then it says "Titanic Director's Cut", much to Timmy's dismay, since it means he is stuck with Vicky all night, he then throws it so hard it breaks in two and that's when Cosmo and Wanda come out of it and introduce themselves as Timmy's Fairy God Parents.

there was even a remake of that scene in the Abra-Catastrophe special

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Wow. :wow: I didn't know that.

It was back when Fairly Odd parents were still Oh Yeah! Cartoons! Shorts, they were quite different from the main series, Timmy was voiced by Mary Key Bergman, Cosmo wasn’t a total idiot and Wanda wasn’t naggy.

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Now this pic cracks me up!!!

I remember the scene from the Spongebob episode, Club Spongebob and and the magic 8 ball scene from Toy story. That's hilarious!:D:giggle:

Woody: will Andy pick me? (he shakes the 8 ball, then looks into it and it says "Don't count on it")

Woody: "Don't count on it"!?! OOOHHHHH!!!!!! (Grunts and slams the 8 ball on the table as it rolls and falls down between the desk..)

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Lol like from Spongebob

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Poor Woody. 😆 🤣 😂 😹

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I remember that scene from the movie.

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Why won't it let him eat?

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Probably because it doesn't like him. :D :giggle: :lmao:

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