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Stolen from :iconrapidashking: and :iconsupermarthandroy64ds: because this seems fun :3

Poke: What are your top 10 Pokemon?

This one isn't as hard for me as it seems to be for most people. Blaziken, Darkrai, Gardevoir, Vaporeon, Salamence, Serperior, Blissey, Scyther, Zangoose, Electivire

    Great: Favorite Pokemon game?

Definitely X/Y, by miles. After that, Emerald Version

    Ultra: If you've captured a shiny, what was your first shiny?

Poliwag on Silver Version. I was really young and REALLY stupid, because I thought that shiny Poliwag just had a backwards sprite... not realizing that all sprites in the stats screen were flipped. xD

    Master: What's your favorite legendary?

Darkrai, but I'm not talking about sissy anime Darkrai that is misunderstood. I mean the evil, menacing Darkrai that torments your dreams until you go insane, leaving you an empty shell of a person. >83

    Safari: What was your first ever Pokemon game?

Yellow Version when I was 9. All every kid wanted was a Pikachu to go on adventures with, and I was no different. :>

    Lure: What introduced you to Pokemon?

It exploded when I was in grade school, it's hard to say what introduced me to Pokemon, but I know that what first really got me into it was my dad somehow got me two cards: Pikachu and Charmander from the Base Set. I was hooked.

    Moon: In SS/HG, time affected the Pokemon that appeared. So, night or day?

I like day and night, but morning-only Pokemon always seem to be boring ones.

    Friend: Do your friends play Pokemon?

One friend irl, but most of my online friends are big Pokemon fans.

    Heavy: Is there anything you hate about Pokemon?

What the anime series has become. I can still watch old episodes, but everything past the R/S series is not only bad, it's unbearable. Origins was fantastic, though.

    Fast: Do you keep up with the fandom?

Too much to keep up with every single aspect, but I've kept up with all the main series games and competitive scene, and that's what keeps my interest in the series going strong.

    Premier: What was your first ever Pokemon?

Pikachu was in Yellow Version, and I named him Pikapal because I was young and stupid.

    Repeat: Do you watch the anime?

Helllll no. If they made Origins into more of a series I would, but the anime as it currently stands is horrible.

    Timer: When was the last time you played any of the games?

...My 3DS is open with Y Version right as I type this.

    Nest: Do many people know you like Pokemon or do you keep it to yourself?

I used to keep it to myself until pretty recently, and now I just don't care. Every meaningful friendship and relationship I have roots back to Pokemon, so why hide it?

    Net: Has there ever been a Pokemon you had difficulty catching?

Ditto is deceptively annoying to capture.

    Dive: Water or Fire types?

Fire types are more fun to use, since they're offensively inclined.

    Luxury: What Pokemon do you think is overrated?

Lucario. I don't hate it, I just don't get the appeal. I feel like people like it because it was pushed as the "cool" mascot of gen 4, but... it never appealed to me at all. It's pretty good competitively. 

    Heal: What animal would you like a Pokemon to be based off of?

I'd like an elephant. I know we have Donphan line, but I want a giant elephant Pokemon that looks more like an elephant. Just please, no more monkies.

    Quick: Have you ever played a nuzlocke?

Yep, my good friend Tim and I had a wonderful B/W Nuzlocke that was pure magic, one of the best experiences I've ever had in Pokemon.

    Dusk: Do you or did you play Pokemon at night a lot?

I do! I play more at night than I do during the day.

    Cherish: What Pokemon do you love the most?

Blaziken is my bro for life since my very first one in Ruby version, and he will be forever, no matter what. *brofist*

    Park: If you could own any Pokemon, which one would you want and why?

Besides the obvious Blaziken, Farfetch'd or Oddish would be fun ones. 


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I am mid-twenties, love Pokemon and Legend of Zelda, and do sprite work - mostly of the former, but sometimes the latter, and occasionally, a mixture of the two. I probably won't upload here much because I'm not very good at sprite art, but I enjoy seeing other people's art!


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