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DONT TREAD ON ME by Richard-Onasi DONT TREAD ON ME by Richard-Onasi
This is the famous Gadsden flag created during the American Revolutionary War period, it was one of the first flags used to represent America.

Benjamin Franklin published his famous woodcut of a snake cut into eight sections into an American newspaper in 1754. The snake represents the British colonies, with New England combined together as the head and South Carolina as the tail, following their order along the coast. Under the snake was the message "Join, or Die." This was the first political cartoon published in an American newspaper.

Benjamin Franklin saw the snake as a good symbol for America and explained why in an essay he published in the Pennsylvania Journal. "I recollected that her eye excelled in brightness, that of any other animal, and that she has no eye-lids—She may therefore be esteemed an emblem of vigilance.—She never begins an attack, nor, when once engaged, ever surrenders: She is therefore an emblem of magnanimity and true courage.—As if anxious to prevent all pretensions of quarreling with her, the weapons with which nature has furnished her, she conceals in the roof of her mouth, so that, to those who are unacquainted with her, she appears to be a most defenseless animal; and even when those weapons are shewn and extended for her defense, they appear weak and contemptible; but their wounds however small, are decisive and fatal:—Conscious of this, she never wounds till she has generously given notice, even to her enemy, and cautioned him against the danger of treading on her.—Was I wrong, Sir, in thinking this a strong picture of the temper and conduct of America?,"-Benjamin Franklin 1775.

The flag is still popular today, favored by Private Organized Militias and other Patriot Groups. "A "patriot group" is defined by the Southern Poverty Law Center as opposed to the “New World Order” or advocating or adhering to extreme antigovernment doctrines." [link] (a Pennsylvania Terrorist Watch website).

I think that it is a kick ass flag, because it reflects my Patriotism for America and it is cool.

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I have one myself.
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