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Raven Hunt

Raven hunt is a character created by Max Blackrabbit. Just something I did to warm up a bit and keep in practice.
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She looks great here. Raven is the living definition of 'Hot for Teacher'.
ForsakenLegacy's avatar
Hope she's one of them teachers that hits you with a ruler am I right?

Raven Hunt for the win.

I'd screw up in class just to stay behind for her >.>
muddness's avatar
hello teacher, what's my lesson ;)
LeonardoHF's avatar
Wow Very Nice xD good job ;3
THELIGHT777's avatar
i love her to death <33 <///999
Gojr-Studios's avatar
Thats pretty good, buddy.
THELIGHT777's avatar
yo hot to become a teacher >33
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Iaba-daba dooo!!
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Nice job, I like the design. Keep up the good work. :D
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Beauty of a Beauty.
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Thats pretty neat there Moon, I havent seen some one draw Raven for quite some time. I wonder how she keeps her hair scquare like that? Lost of hair spray or something else?
Evil-5miley's avatar
Reminds me of that Van Halen song "Hot For Teacher".
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busty busty busty wolf ^_^ I love Raven and the way you drew her just made me love her even more so
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wow pretty cool i love her expresion!
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Very nice work. I like the style of this, and great job with the anatomy. ;)
LunarDiaries's avatar
Jeez, that is a damn nice practice piece, yo :D
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Awesome rendition ! you win at Canines =P
KenJKitsune's avatar
Very sexy. Great job with the angle of perspective too!
cowbunny91's avatar
:lol: I bet Max liked his gift!

I love the sultry look on her face. Very nice job. :D
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