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Planet Matte for the movie HENRi

By rich35211
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Orginal 3000 x 3000 as shown in the detail shot. 3d with photoshop paint work. Not for stock images.

The image will appear in the film as a back ground space image. The film should be complete by the end of 2012

Video about the film [link]

Credited cast:
Margot Kidder ... Dr. Calvin Know as Lois Lane Superman
Keir Dullea ... Henri (voice) know as lead Roll 2001: A Space Odyssey

Powerful short film, which explores human existence at the most fundamental, personal level - what it means to be a conscious individual. Set hundreds of years in the future, a derelict spacecraft, controlled and powered by a human brain, floats aimlessly in the outer reaches of space. Trapped in the cold, mechanical prison of the vessel, the brain, which has no recollection or concept of self, miraculously begins to experience disjointed images of its former life - images it cannot understand. Yearning for freedom and yet unable to move, the brain devises a plan to build itself a mechanical body from parts of the ship. Maybe then it will understand the images it is seeing - maybe then it will feel alive.

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gotta hand it over to you this is really high def shit i like it a lot and it seems real, just wanna know if you used stock images for the texture
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sat. images with repaint in Photoshop.
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Wow o.o look at that
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very epic though some clouds arnt
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Incredible textures man. Very, very nice. Care to share any insight to the creation process?
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wow! awesome! how big was the texture/bitmap you mapped around your globe? < 8000px ?
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little over 10k px
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Yeah great textura and atmosphere but why planet have egg shape ?
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thanks its a 3d sphere.
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This great work has been featured in news article [link] :heart:
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Really gorgeous!
FireKDragon's avatar
Really awesome!
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What's the terrain like?
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I love the detail of the planet. Nice work.
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Really great looking planet and atmosphere, wow!
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Now, that is a very smexy looking planet. O:
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