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New World Colony

Software used Vue 6
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3000x2000px 4.27 MB
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Jan 1, 4501, 12:00:00 AM
© 2008 - 2021 rich35211
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Outstanding work!!!!
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Awesome work! well done! :)
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Good work, friend.

One critique though: The perspective seems a bit off balance here.

The rock spires and the buildings do not seem to follow perspective. You may want to look at either the buildings or the rock spires. a bit more from the worm's eye.

Consequently, the horizon would also be lower.
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I can see your point on how perspective can be off, because of the many objects, but all objects are in Vue a 3d program that places the perspective for you. The haze at the botton of the rear buildings covers the point at which the building are touching the forest below, which can make it hard to tell the location. If this was photosphop or free hand I could see how perspective can be posible, because human errors can be made. If you download you can see the trees better to get the scope and size of the rock/moutain spires vs the building. I know it hard to see the trees in the smaller version. thanks for your comment. Take care.
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I wish I could visit this place
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thx for your comment...
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Beautiful! Great image.
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thanks for the comment. Take care.
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Oh my! That's exquisite!
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WOW, That's a gorgeous vista. Well done!
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