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Matte Painting Future City Amazing Facts

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Nice High-Tech Metropolis!

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I wonder if our future cities would look something like this.

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How did you make this?
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why is this so low
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Awesome work. :clap:
Which city is this suppose to be? :jawdrop:
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Awesome work... so many details!   :O
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Amazing work
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Can I ask what programs you'd use to make a scene like this. I'm really interested to know what you use to create such scope and detail
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Rich you are the master of detail, I would hate to imagine the size of the files you work with!
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Oh cool. Nicely future city!
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it's like Coruscant meets Blade Runner... pretty cool!
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Holy crap, it zooms right the way in. I love this. Thank you for making these.
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Very dramatic work, great light and nice to have some bright colours in there.
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the detail is breathtaking
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Awesome.  I like the details like the stock prices on the sign, etc..
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Very very awesome. I like this a lot.

I had to chuckle at the JP Morgan addition.
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