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Egypt Matte By Scott Richard

By rich35211
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Matte painting ancient Egypt

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Hello Scott

I would like to know if I can use this image for my site?

I find her wonderful and she would go great with the presentation of my book on Ancient Egypt

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can I use this art In my designs ?

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Fantastische Aufnahme und eine wundervolle Vielfalt!

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Very very good !!!! strongly the next....!

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Splendid work!
Now that, my friend, is beautiful. This is perfect jigsaw puzzle material.
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Greatly great
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Beautifully conceived and executed 
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Please, what is your resource ?
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:wow: That's so amazing! 
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Beautifully Done ! ! !

Applaud fella (Reactions) 
BRAVO ! ! !
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Beautiful . But of course ther were no Jamaican coconut plalms or Cuban Royal Palms in Egypt .
rich35211's avatar…. At one time cocnut palms were brought to egypt as a delicacy. Maybe not cuban? The cliamte was more tropic before to support palm growth. Now all the palms trees are dying out. You may know more on the subject. It's hard to get all the facts historically correct as a artist. Glad you like it. :)
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Si on regarde bien les fresques il n'y aucun égyptien de l'époque pharaonique qui porte un manteau ils sont toujours torse nu ou bien avec des tuniques transparentes qui veut dire dans le langage des fresques que les tuniques sont légères et fines. Visiblement à cette époque il n'existait pas d'hiver, comme sous les tropiques. Et pour moi votre représentation est bien réelle et j'aime beaucoup l'idée de la rénovation de la pyramide...

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Geese over Giza... Nicely done. The landscape looks a bit too tropical, unless you are going with the 10,000 BC theory...
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Thank you . I was just taking the direction of the director to make it more tropical. I'm assuming they did some research on the subject.
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Egypt had about the same dry climate as it has now in about 2,500 BC, when the pyramids were supposedly built, according to conventional scholarship. However, the seeming presence of rain-water weathering on the Great Sphinx and is enclosure leads some to think that it may be much older, and date from a prehistoric epoque where rainier, tropical conditions prevailed. 
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Assassin's Creed Origins!!!
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Yeah the new game looks really good.
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Painting my ass. I know a photo when I see one.
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You need to look up the word matte painting.
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It was meant as a complement.
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Another great piece Thumbs Up 
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