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Avatar Pandora Tribute

Lots of paint overs on this one for the gas giant. 3d Pandora with custom texture map 30k resolution. Just a tribute to Avatar. Looking for forward to the next 4 movies.
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What software did you use? I would love to know a bit more about the process.

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I used Vue to render in 3d and photoshop painting /post editing.

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I must admit i can see some familiar Jovian features on the gas giant still but I can tell it's had work done to it to try and differentiate it (I guess gas giants have a pretty limited range of looks as far as we know) the clouds seem more chaotic and interesting and the blue becoming less saturated nearer the poles adds a sense of realism (I think this would be the case with all gas giants really, the polar areas tend t be less exciting in terms of colour and contrast) and best of all Pandora itself actually looks spherical here. I'm still a bit bothered by the one during this scene in the actual movie looking kinda flat. Plus you included the backlighting there too - for night time to be lit up like that it would surely be bright down there well after dusk. No wonder why Pandoran nights seemed so blue even in scenes without glowing vegetation around :omg:

Here's hoping the next films tie it into a solid franchise. People are already criticizing the first as being "that movie everyone was so hyped for but no-one talks about anymore" and it kills me how true that is.