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360 Domo Kun

By ricepuppet

these ARE NOT stickers, NOT interchangeable skins, NON Photoshop work; this is HANDMADE and the devices all function properly.

I could've finished this one a lot quicker, but the festive holidays got in the way. It's Domo Kun!


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Additionally i want to thank the guys at xbox360fanboy, akihabaranews, Engadget and Geekologie and the other 50+ ones for their articles about my paintjob, thanks!


Non-commercial work, Domo is licensed by NHK, Japan
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© 2008 - 2021 ricepuppet
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This is fantastic! It's one of the first that I added to my faves! My daughter is probably going to ask for one of these once she sees this! wonderful work!
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Already looooooonnnggg gone
What did you do with it?
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Gave it back to the person it belonged to.
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ha ha this kicks but
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omg its so bleepin awesome!!!!
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Wow, i love the skin, but i hate the game system itself. :P
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one of the best 360 skins EVER!!!
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Thank you. Though i do not consider this as a skin. I think a skin is comparable to a sticker. This is a paintjob :)
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I must say I am incredibly envious of this xbox 360 skin and I don't even own an Xbox 360.
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Thanks, but this is not a skin. Its a paintjob.
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I apologize. Still awesome work!
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No need to apoligize, just wanted to make it clear :)
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None. Hasnt been for sale since the beginning, was a gift for someone :)
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how much would it cost (hypothetically of course) for your painting services?
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I am sad to say that i have cancelled the custom console section since last week.

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