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Hay guys I set up my Picarto channel! R-18 stream, come watch (but only if you're old enough, k)…
Tabling with :iconka-ho: and :iconemi-nyan: here are our warez at table #407

2014-chart by RiceGnat

2014 was pretty crazy! I don't think there was much improvement over the year, but there's an interesting story to be told I suppose.

Of note here is March through April: this represents much of the new content I put together for Anime Expo 2014. That was one hell of a blast, culminating in the now-infamous tell me a secret. I actually had a tough time picking May through June, since there was a) a lot of stuff I can't post here and b) just a lot of stuff compressed into a two month period. The Ahri skins print (July) was actually completed at the very end of June, and I think the book cover (May) was completed by the end of May but I didn't post it until June. Though it was more popular, Caught you, kitty! did not make the highlights since Party Crashers (June) is definitely one of my personal favorites in terms of executing what I envisioned.

I don't believe I actually made any finished works in July! Though I had intended to have some new prints ready for Anime Revolution 2014, I was pretty burnt out after AX so that didn't happen. Those of you who went to ARev may recognize Senkaku Mei-do (August), which was all I managed to finish before the con.

Fall through December was a pretty slow season. I spent most of it playing League instead of drawing it. I did a few pics here and there, mostly lewd with a bit of experimenting with clean lineart again. Not much to show there. I did recently finish a couple of polished works (one of which was just posted!), but they were done well into January so they didn't make the cut.

As hectic as it was, I'd definitely make another book! Last year it was a spur-of-the-moment decision, so hopefully with actual planning this year it won't be so crazy (hah yeah right). Hopefully 2015 brings more visible improvement!

Previous years:
2013-chart by RiceGnat 2012-chart by RiceGnat
Hey guys! A ton of you have been asking about buying tell me a secret online. Well here's the deal:

I've been working on writing a store for Medical Whiskey recently, and it's almost ready to go live. Once it's all tested and ready to, tell me a secret will be available for sale online. Keep an eye out for the announcement either here, on my twitter, or at Medical Whiskey!

Store is done, we just have to get our PayPal sorted out before we go live :) Should be up for preorders next week, expect to ship shortly after ARev.

A lot of people are asking for a digital version. If you just want to fap to the pictures in non-book form, you can find them free on Medical Whiskey or my pixiv (check my link page).


Medical Whiskey Store is now live!

Don't browse at work!
So most of you have probably heard by now, but I'll be at Anime Expo this year. I'll be at Medical Whiskey headquarters at I17-18, together with :iconemi-nyan::iconpantsu-pirate::iconriftgarret::icondoyora: and neighboring fellow Whiskeyans :iconka-ho::iconippus: of SkullFairy.

Check us out and buy our stuff!
weekly lewd ahri [NSFW]

Going for the finish
:iconxiakha: is the bestest :3
A lolibunch of lolischaracter arts.
AX was a blast. Thanks to everyone who bought a print!

Also :iconxiakha: made me a twitter.

God damnit.
Going to AX! D44, swing by! It's a MW block party, with
Come check us out~

And thanks to everyone who bought a print at AnimeNEXT~!
Gonna be in the Alley again. Table 10! With :iconemi-nyan: and :iconsoftmode:! Swing by!

Now available on the Dischan store!
Just some awesome birthday pics from awesome people :D

Ricey by aeror404 by :iconaeror404:
Happy Birthday RiceGnat by dragonfire133 by :icondragonfire133:
by :iconraemz-desu:
Lewd things by :iconsoftmode: and :iconge-b:

Also cheers to Moog for Ys Origin!

Thanks guys! I love you all :3

Boobies Catgirl and tentacles Lewd Fyuria Foxgirl Dysfunctional Systems bonus illust Gargantia print BBB illustration.
Not much else to say. I'm opening commissions again. See below for details.

Closing commissions for now.

My subscription has expired and with it my commissions widget, so here is the info:

Lined/anime-ish style, color
Head and shoulders: $15
Full body: $30
Hoodie by RiceGnat

Mature Content

My Girl Friday by RiceGnat
Desks are for sitting by RiceGnat

Painterly, color
Head and shoulders: $20
Full body: $40
Kitties by RiceGnat Coy by RiceGnat Commission (Arsimael) by RiceGnat

Additional characters start at +50% each.
Full color background starts at $10, depends on the complexity of the setting.
Default is solid color or a gradient sort of thing, at no extra charge.
Stardust by RiceGnat

For more examples take a look through my gallery. Generally speaking, as long as I'm allowed to post it here it's okay, but it's really a case-by-case thing.

All works are digital. I don't really care when you pay as long as I get it before I finish... but I also haven't got any reason to work on an unpaid commission.
When completed, I will send the full-resolution image to you, and will probably post a smaller version here. You're free to use it as you wish (preferably with credit) as long you aren't reselling it or something silly like that.
If you've got a deadline let me know so I can work accordingly.
Looks like Otakon's Artist Alley is out for me, so I'll be getting to the commission waitlist that I've accumulated.

I've also updated the pricing for full color works. Excepting commissions in progress, new commissions will be at the new rates. Once I've gone through my waitlist, I'll be taking new commissions.
Gonna be in the Artist Alley this year. Properly this time!

Next few weeks are going to be spent working on prints. Commissions will come after that.

EDIT: If anybody can/knows someone who can hook me up with a table/share a table with me for Otakon this year that'd be swell and I'd love you forever!
Much thanks to my anonymous benefactor for the subscription!
Just wanna say thanks to everyone who bought a print at AnimeNEXT!

Special thanks to :iconminimerc: and :iconheylookasign: for sharing their tables with me on Friday and Saturday, respectively. You guys are awesome!
WHOA what happened.